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Manufacturing Management

Bachelor of Manufacturing Management (BMM)

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) LogoWorking in the many available management positions in production is gratifying and intellectually challenging. A degree in Manufacturing Management from the University of Minnesota Crookston will help you to jump-start a career in manufacturing or may make you eligible for promotion. This major can be taken by all students, but is focused on people already in the workplace. It is also ideal for two-year graduates who want to continue their education with seamless integration of prior credits earned.

Manufacturing Management Quick Facts (PDF)

Key Features

Key Features

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Logo

  • The Bachelor of Manufacturing Management (B.M.M.) is a career-oriented degree program that prepares students to manage all aspects of the manufacturing environment. Our graduates don't leave with just a four-year degree - they take with them the ability to direct budgets, people, machines, and product quality.
  • Our program was designed by employers, industry leaders, and the University of Minnesota Crookston faculty to focus on management, communication and technical skills.
  • Manufacturing management includes the required business core that allows graduates entry to a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program.
  • Our program is available online and on-campus.
  • Many students notice the flexibility of our Bachelor of Manufacturing Management majors and they take the opportunity to complete their bachelor degree while working. Most of them are also reimbursed by their employers for tuition expenses. The U of M, Crookston has provided onsite education for Polaris Industries and Marvin Windows & Doors.
  • Do you have questions regarding the transfer of credits from past or current schools attended? The Crookston campus has  articulation agreements with a number of institutions to ensure that you get the credit you deserve! Those institutions include, but are not limited to Alexandria Technical College, Century College, Dakota County Technical College, and Saint Paul College.
  • If you have an interest in quality management, check out our Bachelor of Manufacturing Management - Quality Management degree program.


Program Requirements & Curriculum

Program Requirements & Curriculum

To view the current Manufacturing Management, BMM curriculum, visit our catalog site:

View Manufacturing Management, BMM curriculum



Estimated Salary Range: $55,000 - 70,000

  • Assistant coordinator - manufacturing support
  • Component manufacturing processor
  • Director of lean manufacturing
  • Distribution manager
  • Division manager
  • Environmental health and safety director, manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing assistant
  • Lean manufacturing coordinator
  • Maintenance supervisor
  • Maintenance technician
  • Manufacturing coordinator
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Materials planner
  • Plant manager
  • Product manager
  • Production manager
  • Production planner
  • Production scheduler
  • Production supervisor
  • Production technician
  • Project engineer
  • Project manager
  • Supervisor, particle manufacturing


Graduates have gone on to use the skills attained through the Bachelor of Manufacturing Management degree program to find employment at numerous companies, including:


Salary Ranges

Industrial production managers, with a bachelor's degree, make on average $87,160 per year (in 2010) according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many of my credits will transfer in to UMC?
All the prior credits that you have taken at post-secondary, regionally accredited institutions will transfer over with the exception of developmental coursework. Those credits are normally indicated at a level of 09. ACE credits taken during military training will also transfer in. The Manufacturing Management Degree is one of the most transfer-in friendly degrees at the University of Minnesota since it was designed to allow students with prior education to get their Bachelor degree.

To find out what credits will transfer into our online programs, send copies of your transcripts to the Office of Admissionsumclearn@umn.edu and they will set up an unofficial pre-evaluation for you.

What classes will I need to take?

Once you are admitted to one of the Bachelor of Manufacturing Management majors, your assigned academic adviser will work with you to ensure that you take the classes that will get you to graduation as soon as possible. Obviously you may want to take additional classes and that is sometimes a good idea if you have a goal in mind. The timeline for taking classes will be organized to suit your schedule.

What are the admissions requirements?

For admissions we require that you have a high school diploma if you are a freshman, else we need transcripts from all of the places where you took college credit classes.

What if I did not do too well in some of the classes I took before?

You will obviously only receive credit for classes that you passed, but we do not look at the grades. In fact the grades for prior classes taken at any school other than the University of Minnesota will not count on your GPA. So for most of you it is an academic fresh start although you are transferring credits.

When do classes start and how long do they run?

UMC’s online courses are offered on a semester basis. There are three semesters each year, a 15 week Fall semester, 15 week Spring semester and a condensed 8 week Summer semester (not including finals week). See our Academic Calendar.

Do I have to be online at a certain time?

Almost all of our online classes are designed to be asynchronous. That means that we expect you to take part in the discussions at any time that suits you by reading and responding to the discussions posted by other students. Even group projects are handled in a way to accommodate students working according to their own schedules. Course outcomes and class deadlines for homework and tests are outlined in the class syllabi. Online learning is meant to be flexible and available 24/7.

Can I qualify for some kind of financial aid? 

Degree seeking students who are taking at least 6 credits per semester and who meet all other federal eligibility requirements, may be eligible to receive federal student aid. See Financial Aid.

Do I get a UMC laptop computer? 

You must physically attend classes on the Crookston campus as, at least, a half time student in order to qualify for a laptop.

You will however need a computer that has Microsoft (MS) Office loaded on it. In most cases it does not matter whether it is a PC or a Mac. You will upload your assignments to Moodle, our Learning Management System, and as long as it is in a format that we can open with the latest version of MS Office you will be fine.

Are your programs completely online? 

The classes are completely online and the only time we ever see our students is when they come to campus to take part in the commencement ceremony when they graduate. Even that is not mandatory although we love meeting our students face-to-face.

How much will it cost? 

Tuition information can be found on our Business Office website.

If I am studying online, do I have to pay student fees? 

As an online student, you are required to pay the University of Minnesota course fee per credit as well as an online course per credit fee. You will not need to pay the traditional student fees that you would accrue if you were on campus. In addition to tuition, the University fee and the online per credit fee, the only other cost you will be liable for is the cost of your textbooks.

Do I need to purchase textbooks for my online classes? 

Almost every course requires a textbook. Books can be purchased online or over the phone from the UMC Bookstore. Financial aid can be applied toward their purchase if you request a student U Card prior to ordering your textbooks. If you buy a used book from a place like Amazon, you can normally sell the book to someone else after you completed the course for almost the same price you paid for it. That is a way to reduce the costs of books.

Can I set up a payment plan?

For billing and tuition inquiries please contact the Business Office: 1-800-862-6466 ext. 8325.

How many courses should I take at a time?

Each course has a time expectation of about nine hours per week. We normally recommend that our students who are working full time take not more than two courses per semester. That load is normally within their time constraints to balance work, family, social and studies .In the first semester it is frequently prudent to take only 4 credits, namely orientation to online learning and one 3 credit class.

Does the diploma earned from an online program look like a traditional diploma earned on campus?

Yes. Online courses and degrees are fully accredited by the University of Minnesota and are equivalent to on-campus courses and degrees. Your diploma will read and be awarded by the University of Minnesota campus in which you achieve your degree.

What does regional accreditation mean?

We are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, NCA, which is the highest level of accreditation possible in the United States.

Will I be able to go to a graduate school after graduation with a Bachelor of Manufacturing Management?

Yes, the degree is a bachelor degree that allows you entrance to a master degree. Many of our graduates will further their academic pursuits by completing a MBA. Some have went to Carlson School of Business and we even have had another attend Harvard.

Student Stories

Student Stories

Kyle Baril, Online Manufacturing Management and Quality Management Student at the University of Minnesota Crookston standing at his job at American Crystal Sugar Company

For Kyle Baril making the decision to go back to school was a big one. The sophomore was born and raised in Crookston, and he attended the University of Minnesota Crookston as high school student through the post-secondary enrollment option program and completed 22 credits along the way.

“Even though I was familiar with the campus and some of the instructors, going back to work on my degree wasn’t a simple decision,” Baril says. “After graduating from high school, I wanted my undergraduate degree, but life happened and my priorities and responsibilities changed so I put my education on hold.”

After working in the family business, Baril took a job as an evening manager and delivered fuel part time locally. Eight years later, he became a packaging operator at American Crystal Sugar in Crookston, and since then, has held several positions leading to more responsibility and to his current position as assistant packaging supervisor.

Baril was encouraged to go back to school and the tuition reimbursement program offered through American Crystal opened the door to furthering his education. The company’s program is designed to help employees offset the cost of college courses and those qualifying are eligible for 75% reimbursement of tuition and books.

“The program was a huge incentive for me,” Baril says. “And, the programs available in manufacturing management, and quality management on the Crookston campus matched my goals.

“I can take what I learn in class right back into the workplace,” he continues. “It actually has been an advantage to be working and going to school because the applications are endless, and they have an immediate benefit.”

The other advantage to working while going to school is that Baril has access to professionals on the job who give him feedback and are experts in their area.

Baril involves himself in the company in whatever way he can. “I say yes to whatever opportunities come my way,” he explains. “Saying yes to opportunity is how I ended up going back to school, and I have also had the chance to be involved on committees and taking leadership roles at work.”

The availability of earning a degree online made all this possible for Baril. Without the option to earn a degree online, Baril says he could not have taken it on.

“The online option opens up all kinds of possibilities,” he says. “I have had encouragement from instructors like Christo Robberts and Assistant Professor Abdulaziz Ahmed in the Business Department who have been more than helpful and given me direction as I work through the coursework.”

Making the connection between the classroom and the workplace has given Baril tools and techniques he can use along with insights and a better understanding of operations in the workplace.

“I can put what I learn directly into the context of my role in the company and I would tell anyone interested to take advantage of the opportunity to back to school no matter what your age or situation,” Baril says. “You don’t know what is available until you explore the possibilities.”

Joe Cretesio and wife Rochen

Online Bachelor of Manufacturing Management (BMM) graduate Joe Cretesio, 2011, and his wife Rochen, 2012, talk about their experience with U of M Crookston online in "Never Stop Dreaming" pg. 20 from the Summer 2012 article in the Torch magazine. Joe says, "The people that I worked with at Crookston were so helpful, and I had the support I needed to make the transition to life working full time and attending class."

The UMC Online Advantage

The UMC Online Advantage

Personal, Prestigious 

Earn a prestigious University of Minnesota degree in an affordable, close-knit campus setting. The University of Minnesota is one of the most comprehensive public universities in the United States and ranks among the most esteemed. As a coordinate campus of the University of Minnesota system, the U of M, Online offers access to world-class teaching, learning and research resources, as well as enhanced internship and undergraduate research opportunities. As a graduate, your diploma features one of the most respected names in higher education.

Individual Attention and Mentorship

You expect an education that not only focuses on your needs but also allows your talent and interests to shine through. The dedicated faculty and staff at the U of M, Online serve as true mentors, offering prompt personalized attention catered to an online learner. You will have the opportunity to communicate with advisers and other students by participating in discussions, and other interactive tools to give you an exceptional educational experience.

A Technological Edge 

The University of Minnesota, Online allows you to learn anywhere, anytime. You will have the flexibility to access your courses 24/7 without having to worry about leaving work or home to get to class. The U of M, Online utilizes a broad variety of technological tools that make learning online easy! Employers consistently report that the U of M, Online graduates they hire are extremely well prepared for the demands of today's technological workplace.

Global Perspectives

As a University of Minnesota, Online student, you have the opportunity to study abroad! The U of M, Online through the Crookston campus has made it a priority to promote an understanding of diversity and global perspectives and to offer you the resources, programs and activities necessary for you to succeed in today's global economy. Our international recruitment efforts bring students from more than 20 countries, and our Study Abroad program offers more than 300 opportunities for you to study in 67 different countries. There are also numerous cultural activities and clubs to participate in. We offer many ways for you to expand your worldview, gain international experience, and make connections with people from across the globe.

Applied Learning and Internships 

Learn and do! Online learners have the opportunity to participate in hands on internships. Our internship programs give you the chance to practice the principles and theories you've learned in your courses and make contacts with potential employers that are near you. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is also available to all students and allows online learners to design and conduct research as an undergraduate!

No Out-of-State Tuition and Transfer-Friendly

The U of M, Crookston is the affordable choice for anyone! Whether you live just across the border, across the country or on the other side of the ocean, you pay the same as those who live in Minnesota. We offer an incredible value that's also extremely transfer-friendly. Our staff will work with you to make sure your credits count. Our faculty advisers will personally talk with you about career goals, degree interests and review your records to develop a plan, and our transfer specialist will help make the process as smooth as possible. 

Excellent Job Placement

The Crookston campus has a reputation for a job placement rate of more than 93% for students in their field of study within six months of graduation. Some programs on our campus have even a higher rate of placement.

Online Faculty

Online Faculty

Assistant Professor, Program Director
(218) 281-8144
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Teaching Specialist
Teaching Specialist, Online Academic Advisor
(218) 281-8573
Teaching Specialist

Awards & Recognition

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