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Quality Management

Bachelor of Manufacturing Management (BMM)

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) LogoWant to become part of the industry management team and be a qualified quality control/assurance manager? Get the additional management and technical skills to become a successful manager with a degree in Quality Management from the University of Minnesota Crookston. 

Quality Management Quick Facts (PDF)

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Key Features

Key Features

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Logo

  • The University of Minnesota Crookston is one of only a few universities in the U.S. with a bachelor's level Quality Management major.

  • Transfer friendly and attractive option for technical college graduates.

  • Especially tailored to individuals who would like to become part of the management team within their workplaces.

  • Our degree in Quality Management is focused on line- and middle management groups that need to track down the cause of the problem wherever it originates within production, processing, packaging, distribution and warehousing operations.

  • The Bachelor of Manufacturing Management degree in Quality Management will prepare students for employment in the private sector as well as state and federal regulatory agencies. Quality Management assures consumers that products are free of defects and will function in expected ways and this is an increasingly important priority for people, industry, and government. Ensuring that the product failures are internal will stop the very large costs involved with product recalls and will therefore increase the profitability of manufacturing enterprises.
  • Combine the Quality Management degree program with ManagementCommunication, or Manufacturing ManagementOr for a few more credits you can double major with Manufacturing Management.
  • The Quality Management degree is available on-campus or online.

Program Requirements & Curriculum

Program Requirements & Curriculum

To view the current Quality Management, BS curriculum, visit our catalog site:
View Quality Management, BS curriculum



Estimated Salary Range: $55,000 - 70,000

  • Associate manager quality assurance (QA)
  • Client service manager - QA
  • Food quality assurance manager
  • Manager of software QA
  • QA/QC manager
  • QA project manager
  • QA/test manager
  • QA  manager
  • QA/sanitation manager
  • Quality control supervisor
  • Senior product manager
  • Senior quality assurance manager
  • Software QA manager
  • Technical project manager/QA

Career Paths

  • Total Quality Management
  • Client Services
  • Quality Control
  • Project Management
  • Product Development
  • Technical Projects

Student Stories

Student Stories

Kyle Baril, Online Manufacturing Management and Quality Management Student at the University of Minnesota Crookston standing at his job at American Crystal Sugar Company

For Kyle Baril making the decision to go back to school was a big one. The sophomore was born and raised in Crookston, and he attended the University of Minnesota Crookston as high school student through the post-secondary enrollment option program and completed 22 credits along the way.

“Even though I was familiar with the campus and some of the instructors, going back to work on my degree wasn’t a simple decision,” Baril says. “After graduating from high school, I wanted my undergraduate degree, but life happened and my priorities and responsibilities changed so I put my education on hold.”

After working in the family business, Baril took a job as an evening manager and delivered fuel part time locally. Eight years later, he became a packaging operator at American Crystal Sugar in Crookston, and since then, has held several positions leading to more responsibility and to his current position as assistant packaging supervisor.

Kyle Baril - Manufacturing Management and Quality Management online student standing in front of pallets at his job at American Crystal SugarBaril was encouraged to go back to school and the tuition reimbursement program offered through American Crystal opened the door to furthering his education. The company’s program is designed to help employees offset the cost of college courses and those qualifying are eligible for 75% reimbursement of tuition and books.

“The program was a huge incentive for me,” Baril says. “And, the programs available in manufacturing management, and quality management on the Crookston campus matched my goals.

“I can take what I learn in class right back into the workplace,” he continues. “It actually has been an advantage to be working and going to school because the applications are endless, and they have an immediate benefit.”

The other advantage to working while going to school is that Baril has access to professionals on the job who give him feedback and are experts in their area.

Baril involves himself in the company in whatever way he can. “I say yes to whatever opportunities come my way,” he explains. “Saying yes to opportunity is how I ended up going back to school, and I have also had the chance to be involved on committees and taking leadership roles at work.”

The availability of earning a degree online made all this possible for Baril. Without the option to earn a degree online, Baril says he could not have taken it on.

“The online option opens up all kinds of possibilities,” he says. “I have had encouragement from instructors like Christo Robberts and Assistant Professor Abdulaziz Ahmed in the Business Department who have been more than helpful and given me direction as I work through the coursework.”

Making the connection between the classroom and the workplace has given Baril tools and techniques he can use along with insights and a better understanding of operations in the workplace.

“I can put what I learn directly into the context of my role in the company and I would tell anyone interested to take advantage of the opportunity to back to school no matter what your age or situation,” Baril says. “You don’t know what is available until you explore the possibilities.”

The UMC Online Advantage

The UMC Online Advantage

Personal, Prestigious 

Earn a prestigious University of Minnesota degree in an affordable, close-knit campus setting. The University of Minnesota is one of the most comprehensive public universities in the United States and ranks among the most esteemed. As a coordinate campus of the University of Minnesota system, the U of M, Online offers access to world-class teaching, learning and research resources, as well as enhanced internship and undergraduate research opportunities. As a graduate, your diploma features one of the most respected names in higher education.

Individual Attention and Mentorship

You expect an education that not only focuses on your needs but also allows your talent and interests to shine through. The dedicated faculty and staff at the U of M, Online serve as true mentors, offering prompt personalized attention catered to an online learner. You will have the opportunity to communicate with advisers and other students by participating in discussions, and other interactive tools to give you an exceptional educational experience.

A Technological Edge 

The University of Minnesota, Online allows you to learn anywhere, anytime. You will have the flexibility to access your courses 24/7 without having to worry about leaving work or home to get to class. The U of M, Online utilizes a broad variety of technological tools that make learning online easy! Employers consistently report that the U of M, Online graduates they hire are extremely well prepared for the demands of today's technological workplace.

Global Perspectives

As a University of Minnesota, Online student, you have the opportunity to study abroad! The U of M, Online through the Crookston campus has made it a priority to promote an understanding of diversity and global perspectives and to offer you the resources, programs and activities necessary for you to succeed in today's global economy. Our international recruitment efforts bring students from more than 20 countries, and our Study Abroad program offers more than 300 opportunities for you to study in 67 different countries. There are also numerous cultural activities and clubs to participate in. We offer many ways for you to expand your worldview, gain international experience, and make connections with people from across the globe.

Applied Learning and Internships 

Learn and do! Online learners have the opportunity to participate in hands on internships. Our internship programs give you the chance to practice the principles and theories you've learned in your courses and make contacts with potential employers that are near you. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is also available to all students and allows online learners to design and conduct research as an undergraduate!

No Out-of-State Tuition and Transfer-Friendly

The U of M, Crookston is the affordable choice for anyone! Whether you live just across the border, across the country or on the other side of the ocean, you pay the same as those who live in Minnesota. We offer an incredible value that's also extremely transfer-friendly. Our staff will work with you to make sure your credits count. Our faculty advisers will personally talk with you about career goals, degree interests and review your records to develop a plan, and our transfer specialist will help make the process as smooth as possible. 

Excellent Job Placement

The Crookston campus has a reputation for a job placement rate of more than 93% for students in their field of study within six months of graduation. Some programs on our campus have even a higher rate of placement.

Online Faculty

Online Faculty

Assistant Professor, Program Director
(218) 281-8144
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Teaching Specialist
Teaching Specialist, Online Academic Advisor
(218) 281-8573
Teaching Specialist

Awards & Recognition

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