Several students walking on the Campus Mall in and around the Peterson Gazebo on a fall day.

Find Your Counselor and Other Staff

Meet Your Admission Staff

Admissions Counselor
(218) 281-8665
Business/Systems Analyst 1
(218) 281-8680
Admissions Counselor
204-A Owen Hall
(218) 281-8581
UMC Photo Not Available
Director of Admissions
(218) 281-8679
Student Services Prof 1
(218) 281-8567
Asst Director of Admissions
(218) 281-8682
Admissions Counselor
212-A Owen Hall
Admissions Counselor
(218) 281-8350
Communications Specialist
(218) 281-8685
Admissions Associate
206-A Owen Hall
(218) 281-8578
Admissions Counselor
203-A Owen Hall
(218) 281-8527
Asst Director of Admissions
210-A Owen Hall
(218) 281-8385
Online Student Services Prof
(218) 281-8673

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