Several students walking on the Campus Mall in and around the Peterson Gazebo on a fall day.

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UMC Ambassadors

University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) Admissions Ambassadors give tours to prospective students and their families. They provide valuable insight into the day to day student life experience and highlight the benefits of being at student at UMC.

Jennah Emma
Jennah Anderson, Junior Emma Bliss, Junior
Neka Jonah
Neka Davis, Senior Jonah Figueiredo, Junior
Jordan Ryan G
Jordan Frieberg, Sophomore Ryan Greenwaldt, Junior
Jarred Dorian
Jarred Hannem, Senior Dorian Harjo, Senior
Ashley Ben
Ashley Helgeson, Sophomore Ben Koisti, Senior
Corey Madison
Corey Mathies, Junior Madison Olson, Sophomore
Ryan R brent
Ryan Ratcliff, Junior Brent Reed, Senior
Kennedy Vanessa
Kennedy Resendiz, Senior Vanessa Robbins, Senior

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