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Students Named to 2019 Fall Semester Deans List

By Cassandra Morthera on
Tuesday, January 28, 2020

UMN CrookstonStudents named to the fall semester 2019 Deans List were recently announced by the Office of the Registrar at the University of Minnesota Crookston. The UMN Crookston is one of the most respected career-oriented, technology-based universities in the nation. 

To qualify for a place on the Deans List, students must complete 12 or more letter-graded (A-F) credits while attaining a 3.66 grade point average. The Crookston campus is the online leader in the University of Minnesota system and the only campus providing every full-time student with a laptop computer.

Students on the Deans List include:

Last Name First Name Major
Aanstad Luke Agricultural Systems Management
Abdullahi Ibrahim Software Engineering
Adhikari Agyan Accounting
Ahmed Maslah Applied Studies
Ailes Haley Communication
Alpers Christine Management
Alsubousi Bakhit Info Technology Management
Altendahl Tommy Accounting
Anderson McKenna Animal Science / Equine Science
Appert Madison Entrepreneurship
Argueta Melida Accounting / Finance
Aycock Josh Finance
Bailey Sara Health Sciences Pre Professional
Baker Cory Finance
Baker Stephanie Natural Resources
Bartels Mackenzie Animal Science
Bauer Quinn Natural Resources
Behnke Eric Applied Studies
Benson Lynsay Exercise Science and Wellness
Beversluis Shawn Agricultural Business
Beyer Courtney Marketing
Billings Spencer Agronomy
Bitzan Cayla Health Management
Blumhardt Magda Animal Science
Bot Allison Animal Science
Braaten Jackson Agronomy
Bradford Bailey English
Brekken Karlie Elementary Education / Early Childhood Education
Brown Maggie Animal Science / Equine Science
Brunn Taylor Marketing
Burian Kay Criminal Justice
Burke Kinlee Elementary Education
Burke Mary Elementary Education
Burroughs Amber Accounting
Buttolph Katherine Health Sciences Pre Professional
Cameron Kristine Communication
Cartier Sarah Equine Science
Chen Jianhao Software Engineering
Chomyn Ashley Undecided
Cleary Harrison Sport & Recreation Management
Conoryea Travis Exercise Science and Wellness
Cooper Anfernee Exercise Science and Wellness
Cross Meredith Accounting
Crum Katie Animal Science / Equine Science
Dellrocco Erin Accounting
Derra Kojilembay Info Technology Management
Drayna Madeline Agricultural Bus / Animal Science
Eibensteiner Ella Exercise Science & Wellness / Health Science
Ellison Riley Finance
Evavold Alyssa Agricultural Business / Equine Science
Flaten Jennifer Accounting
Fox Bren Health Sciences Pre Professional
Frieberg Jordan Criminal Justice
Fulton Mark Manufacturing Management / Quality Management
Gambhirrao Sandeep Quality Management
Gast Brittany Health Management
Gaston Andreas International Business
Gauthier Nancy Accounting
Girton Kelsea Accounting
Golkowski Elizabeth Natural Resources
Gomez Megan Health Management
Good Jennifer Accounting
Grams Nick Natural Resources
Greenwaldt Ryan Agricultural Business / Agricultural Systems Management
Gresham Deaira Health Sciences Pre Professional
Gross Austin Software Engineering
Grover Jayden Sport & Recreation Management
Gryskiewicz Daniel Agronomy
Hagi Mohamed Finance
Haning Dustin Information Technology Management
Hanson Ben InformationTechnology Management
Happe Cassie English
Harmon Jr Accounting
Hartung Samantha Accounting / Finance
Hohn Garrett Marketing
Hokanson Tj Finance
Hollcraft Aaron Elementary Education
Hosch Ezra Finance
Hought Treyton Agronomy
Huang Jason Software Engineering
Humble Connor Sport & Recreation Management
Irlbeck Cheyenne Agricultural Business
Jacobson Christina Health Management
James Zachary Accounting
Jeong Inje Software Engineering
Jeong Yumin Business-Undeclared
Jiang Yixuan Software Engineering
Johnson Amber Agric Comm / Comm
Johnson Brittany Health Management
Johnson Chase Management
Johnson Julie Quality Management
Johnson Lauren Equine Science
Johnson Rachel Management / Marketing
Jorgenson Bryce Software Engineering
Jossund Carson Agronomy
Jude Carrie Communication / English
Jung Eli Exercise Science and Wellness
Kabachenko Max Info Technology Management
Kalway Noah Accounting
Kampa Anthony Software Engineering
Kapsner Aria Natural Resources
Kim Yumin Undecided
King Sagan Agricultural Business
Klasko Michael Manufacturing Management
Klecker April Animal Science / Equine Science
Kneafsey Caitlyn Sport & Recreation Management
Koch Megan Health Management
Kolseth Lisa Agricultural Business
Kracht Helayna Finance
Kraulik Karissa Agronomy
Kropuenske Tyler Criminal Justice
Kuznia Brett Accounting
Lacher Mikayla Animal Science
Lafontaine Lilliana Health Management
Lai Keyu Software Engineering
Lake Kristen Natural Resources
Larimer Trey Health Sciences Pre Professional
Larson Samantha Animal Science
Le Hoang Information Technology Management
Lee Katya Management
Leeson Renee Accounting
Lei Yutong Software Engineering
Leuer Sabrina Agronomy / Horticulture
Lewis Myla Agricultural Education
Loewen Travis Accounting
Londerville Lydia Marketing
Lorntson Savannah Communication / English
Lupa Anthony Exercise Science and Wellness
Lyons Jerry Natural Resources
Maasjo Emily Animal Science / Equine Science
Mac Donald Entrepreneurship
Mae Anna Agricultural Business
Maeser Luke Info Technology Management
Marin Melissa Accounting
Marsen Amy Accounting
Marthaler Shayla Agricultural Business / Equine Science
Martinson Allison Exercise Science and Wellness
Mathews-Halmrast Patrick Communication
Maynard Kenzie Communication
McGarry Dan Sport & Recreation Management
Melby Sydney Elementary Educationucation
Meyers Jonathon Information Technology Management
Michaelis Caitlin Elementary Educationucation
Mickschl Robert Management
Moe Marcus Finance
Molitor David Health Management
Montcalm Kiley Health Management
Moss Olivia Management
Myhre Joshua Natural Resources
Newberg Jordyn Agricultural Education
Nielsen Jacob Management
Oberlin Carlee Animal Science / Equine Science
Okeke Kenenna Finance
Olson Amanda Animal Science / Equine Science
Olson Jessica Agricultural Systems Management
Olson Jonathan Criminal Justice
Olson Maria Undecided
Olson Nick Info Technology Management
Orth Katie Animal Science / Equine Science
Pavlish Carolyn Agricultural Education
Pence Roger Manufacturing Management
Pettit Paige Criminal Justice
Pham Jennifer Finance
Pitlick Paige Health Sciences Pre Professional
Porath Porsha Health Management
Post Kylie Elementary Education
Powell Corrie Health Management
Praska Kylea Elementary Education / Early Childhood Education
Proctor Samantha Exercise Science and Wellness
Pula Malia Elementary Education
Puttin Olivia Communication
Reder Courtney Communication
Rehm Elissa Management
Reich Elizabeth Animal Science
Reller Brock Sport & Recreation Management
Resnick Sunny Accounting
Ribar Erika Animal Science
Riley Amanda Health Management
Robbins Tristan International Business
Roberts Thomas Info Technology Management
Rodriguez Meli Elementary Educationucation
Rodriguez Mikaela International Business
Roeseler Luke Management
Rogers Brianna Management
Rohwer Brandon Agricultural Business
Rongstad Matthew Manufacturing Management
Rowe David Agricultural Education
Ruhlman Mason Marketing
Rux Sabrina Accounting
Santellanes Luis Management
Sartori Dustin Accounting
Schnobrich Robyn Accounting
Schoenicke Amber Exercise Science and Wellness
Schrempp Colton Agricultural Systems Management
Schueler Ali Animal Science
Schwartz Veronica Agricultural Education
Sedo Caden Accounting
Selisker Kristina Health Management
Sharma Vinayak Software Engineering
Shin Minsoo Business-Undeclared
Shykes Adam Sport & Recreation Management
Singh Manpreet Info Technology Management
Skoe Thor Marketing
Smith Ashley Management
Smith Justin International Business
Solberg Eli Exercise Science and Wellness
Song Lingfeng Software Engineering
Sorenson Derek Accounting / Finance
Spilde Beau Agricultural Business
Stewart Maddie Agricultural Education
Stillman Alyssa Health Sciences Pre Professional
Straus Parker Software Engineering
Streifel Beatrice Animal Science / Equine Science
Thao Josiah Health Management
Thapaliya Pratima Medical Laboratory Science
Theissen Spencer InfoTechnology Management
Theodoridis Xristo Sport & Recreation Management
Thyes Jake Exercise Science and Wellness
Tolrud Emma Agricultural Education / Equine Science
Tonce Hannah Information Technology Management
Tronnes Jacey Natural Resources
Uzalac Lea Health Management
Van Den Agricultural Systems Management
Van Wart Software Engineering
Vanhavermaet Mackenna Equine Science
Vetsch Mattea Health Sciences Pre Professional
Vettleson Matthew Agricultural Business / Animal Science
Vold Tyler Agronomy / Aviation
Wald Gina Equine Science
Waldo Madison Agricultural Business
Walters Tayylor Finance
Wang Shuyu Finance
Wang Weiqian Software Engineering
Weiland Michelle Communication
Welch Ashley Communication
White Nikki Communication
Whitney Elsa English
Wiedemann Jacob Info Technology Management
Wildman Raelynn Animal Science
Wilmer McKena Natural Resources
Withrow Jessica Elementary Education
Wolfe Alex Sport & Recreation Management
Wollschlager Tara Accounting
Xie Yicheng Undecided
Yang Hyemin Medical Laboratory Science
Yoon Seyoung Undecided

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