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Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Animal Advocacy Expert and Autism Spokesperson, will present at the UMN Crookston

By Cassandra Morthera on
Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Temple Grandin, American autism spokesperson, professor of animal science, and consultant to the livestock industry, will speak at the University of Minnesota Crookston on Monday, January 14, 2019, at 7 p.m. Interest is great, seating is limited and free. RSVP before December 14 and print your free ticket to assure a seat for this much anticipated event.  

A book signing will take place from 5:30-6:30 as well as a chance for photos.

More information on specific locations forthcoming.


Grandin is a pioneer in the sense that she is one of the first people on the autism spectrum to share her experiences, insights, and overall knowledge with the public. Grandin overcame many of the obstacles she faced because of her passion for animals. Her story and her work with them, including humane livestock handling, have inspired many across the nation to improve and further develop how they relate to animals. Her work, research, and published writings such as Animals Make Us Human, shine a light on brain processes like associative thinking and often feeling fear, and how they can help people comprehend animals on a deeper level.  

Furthermore, thanks to Grandin’s knowledge and first-hand experiences, society has steadily become more aware of the fact that everyone has a unique mind, a unique way of learning, and a unique way of visualizing life. Grandin emphasizes the importance of understanding this because it is vital when it comes to adjusting our education system as well as ensuring the success of people with autism, for example.Temple Grandin

As Grandin speaks at events all over the country, she educates people on how to better understand people with autism, adjust the education system, as well as how to improve the care of animals and fulfillment of their needs.

For more information visit or contact Gail Myers at 218-281-8587.

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