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Two Attend Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference

By Maggie Mills on
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

leaman and millsTwo University of Minnesota Crookston sophomores recently attended the Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, November 3-6.  Bailey Leaman, a sophomore agricultural education major from Mountain Lake, Minn., and Maggie Mills, a sophomore communication major from Lake City, Minn., traveled to the conference designed for young agriculturists to create connections, earn scholarships, and most importantly prepare an elite group of college students for their careers in the agriculture and food industry.

Leaman and Mills had the opportunity to attend the 2016 AFA Leaders Conference through scholarships and industry sponsorships. Throughout the weekend, nation-wide college students were given the opportunity to converse with industry professionals, attend a career fair, participate in educational sessions, and build connections with other students and peers. Sessions at the conference focus on every aspect college student’s need to go above and beyond in the workplace and life.

Sessions included material on utilizing social media to showcase a personalized brand, learning how to become a strong, impactful leader in the workplace, etiquette in an interview and/or luncheon scenarios, and resume building to name a few. Mills has attended both the 2015 and 2016 AFA Leaders Conference, as well as the AFA Animal Institute.

Mills states, “Being chosen to attend these conferences has been a tremendous opportunity. AFA continues to amaze me with their loving mentality, wide range of connections, and their generosity in helping college students grow into more than just themselves.”

The two U of M Crookston students experienced history for AFA, as they celebrated the AFA 20-year anniversary. The theme of the conference was “History Starts Now,” while introducing their new company brand, Building Bridges. Leaman and Mills look forward to becoming more involved in AFA, and hope to attend future conferences and institutes.

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