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UMC a partner school with Union Pacific Railroad

By Elizabeth Tollefson on
Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Union Pacific Railroad is in the same situation as most companies in the United States where top management level employees will be retiring in the next 10 to 15 years. With that in mind Union Pacific (UP) has established Union Pacific's College Center which will enable UP the opportunity to grow management positions within the ranks and the University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) is one of the schools that will help them do it.

Union Pacific Railroad needs to train and/or educate approximately 10 to 15 thousand employees, across the United States, to enable them to graduate with a 2 or 4-year degree. For this purpose Union Pacific has established a training consortium (Union Pacific’s College Center) involving 18 post secondary institutions; six 4-year and twelve 2-year institutions from California, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Arkansas, Colorado, Oregon and Minnesota.

Dr. Christo Robberts, Bachelor of Manufacturing Management (BMM) Program Director at the University of Minnesota Crookston says Union Pacific is anxious to enroll as many of their employees as possible and as soon as possible. “UMC was invited to be part of this consortium just in the past few weeks. Our manufacturing management degree is a perfect fit for Union Pacific. It suits the needs of people with current academic credit as well as those currently studying at a participating 2-year institution.” Dr. Robberts says that Dakota County Technical College, located in Rosemount, MN is also part of the Union Pacific consortium and they are long time partners with UMC. “We have been articulating degrees with Dakota County for a few years now, this relationship is exactly what Union Pacific is looking for and UMC has experience and the flexibility within the manufacturing management degree.”

Union Pacific has employees all over the United States; the employees that UP is interested in training are located primarily in western and some southern states. “UMC has always been supportive of asynchronous learning; any where, any place learning (learning at different times and different locations) with its online and off site delivery modes.

The College Center has been designed so you can easily review all the options available to you regarding training, certifications and college-level course work. "I started college when I was 37 and was scared to death! Having someone to believe in you until you can believe in yourself is critical!" –says Melanie Zirbel. Going back to school can be a scary idea. Don't worry you're not the first one to get nervous about it! UP's partner universities cater to the adult learner and they know how to put you at ease and ensure your success.

No matter what your educational experience, there are opportunities available here for you. Learn what these educational opportunities are and explore the possibilities of "building you."

For more on this program, contact Dr. Christo Robberts at the University of Minnesota Crookston 218 281 8144 

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