News Release

UMC Students Present Summer Seminar Series

By Dan Svedarsky on
Friday, July 29, 2005

Students from the University of Minnesota, Crookston (UMC) presented a series of seminars this summer on their internships or special studies at the Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuge and on campus

Jessica Larson, a UMC graduate from Dassel, MN and now graduate student at the University of North Dakota, reported on monitoring amphibians at Glacial Ridge on June 30. Across the globe, amphibians have dropped in population numbers, with habitat destruction as the main driving force. The loss and degradation of habitat in the prairie region on both uplands and wetlands is just one of the examples. Amphibians are short distance movers that require three distinct areas for foraging, hibernation, and most importantly, reproduction. Studies on restoration efforts and effects they have on amphibians are limited, especially on such a large tract of continuous restored habitat. Movements and reproductive success are being evaluated on 58 recently restored and undisturbed reference wetlands. In comparison to studies in eastern North Dakota, Larson found wood frogs, chorus frogs, and northern leopard frogs to be calling earlier this spring. And even with cold snaps in the spring (some with thin ice on the wetland), most wetlands have been successful at producing tadpoles of one or more species.

On Thursday, August 4, Luke Klawitter, Euclid, MN, will present “Habitat friendly farming or new ways of thinking about food production in Hill Hall Room 4 at 3:30. Others presenting in the seminar series besides Larson, were Nate Emery from Wisconsin Rapids, WI, presenting on, “Birds I have known on the Ridge,” and Fabien Pommier, France, presenting on, “UMC energy audit and new ways of thinking about conservation on campus.” Emery and Pommier will also be presenting a joint presentation on the student’s view of sustainable applications at a college campus at UMC’s national conference on Sustainable Development scheduled this October 24 and 25.

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