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Alvin Killough

Associate Professor
Liberal Arts and Education Department
(218) 281-8028

Awards, Distinctions, and Honors

Selected Publications

  • REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLE: Killough, A., Killough, E., Walker, E. (Under Review). Examining the delicate balance of maintaining one’s blackness as a Black professional on the Predominantly White Campus. Journal of Best Practices in Health Professions Diversity: Research, Education and Policy.

  • REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLE: Edwards, C.L., Bryson, W.J., McCabe, M., Trambadia, J., Scott, D., Muhammad, M., Killough, A., Sudhakar, S., Keys, A., Feliu, M., McNeil, J., Barker, C.S., Wood, M., Reif, R., Hill, L., O’Garo, K.G.N., Bulthuis, C., Peasant, C., Kidd, A.C., Robinson, E. (2014). Treatment of PTSD in an HIV-Positive Rwandan Woman with a Recent Stroke: A Case Report on The Role of Culture, Norms, and Expectations for Psychotherapy. Research, 1, 980.

  • REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLE: Edwards, C.L., Killough, A., Wood, M., Doyle, T., Feliu, M., Barker, C.S., Uppal, P., DeCastro, L., Wellington, C., Whitfield, K.E., O’Garo, K.N., Morgan, K., Alesii, L.Y.E., Byrd, G.S., McCabe, M., Goli, V., Keys, A., Hill, L., Collins-McNeil, J., Trambadia, J., Guinyard, D., Muhammad, M., McDonald, P., Schmechel, D., Robinson. E. (2014). Emotional Reactions to Pain Predict Psychological Distress in Adult Patients with Sickle Cell Disease. International Journal of Psychiatry and Medicine, 47(1), 1-16.

  • REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLE: Killough, A., Killough, E., Edwards, C.L. Burnett, J. (2014). Beyond America’s White Hegemony: In Response to a Rapidly Emerging Global Multi-Cultural Learning Community. International Journal of Science, Commerce, and Humanities, 2(5), 93-110. ISSN: 2053-5295 (Online) 2052-6164 (Print).

  • REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLE: Killough, A., Killough, E., Hill, L.K., Edwards, C.L. (2013).Exploring the cultural context of tobacco use for prevention among ethnic groups of African descent. International Journal of Science, Commerce, and Humanities, 1(8), 121-147. ISSN: 2053-5295 (Online) 2052-6164 (Print).

  • BOOK CHAPTER: Killough A.L. and Killough E.G. (Accepted). What’s In Your Script: Getting Beyond Race to Deal with Race. Interpersonal Communication in Multiple Contexts: Representative Anecdotes. Eds. Mark Huglen. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt. Projected 2018 [in progress]

  • BOOK CHAPTERS: Burnett, J., Killough, A., Killough, E. (2017). When Did Crime Pay, and for Whom? The Metamorphosis of an Academic’s Odyssey, in Mathieu Deflem (ed.) Race, Ethnicity and Law (Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance, Volume 22) Emerald Publishing Limited, pp.63 – 78.

  • BOOK CHAPTER: Burnett, J., Killough, A., Killough, E. (2017). When did crime pay, and for whom: The metamorphosis of an academic’s odyssey. Mathieu Deflem, Ph.D., Editor Book Chapter. Race, Ethnicity, and Law. 22 of the series Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance (Emerald, formerly with Elsevier).

  • BOOK CHAPTER: Killough, E.G., Killough, A.L., Burnett, J., Edwards, C.L. (Provisional Acceptance). The Contemporary Role of the HBCU in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Absence of On-going Historical Relevance. With Emerald Publishing, book entitled Underserved Populations at Historically Black Colleges and Universities: The Pathway to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

  • INVITED PRESENTATIONS AND WORKSHOPS AT PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES: Killough, A. L. & Killough, E. G. (November 4, 2017). What’s in Your Script? Why Blacks often hate talking to White people. Overcoming Racism Conference: Awakening, Woke, Taking Command. November 3-4, 2017. Metropolitan State University St. Paul, MN.

  • INVITED PRESENTATIONS AND WORKSHOPS AT PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES: Killough, A. L. & Killough, E. G. (February 23, 2016). Race and the Motivation Process- An Evidenced Based Model that Yields Results. University of Minnesota Duluth. 2016 Summit on Equity, Diversity and Multiculturalism. C Kirby Student Center, Duluth, MN.

  • INVITED PRESENTATIONS AND WORKSHOPS AT PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS AND CONFERENCES: Killough, A.L. (August 18, 2015). Indicators of the Social Experience. Presentation at Campus Climate Conversation “How Do WE Cultivate A Welcoming and Inclusive Environment for ALL?” Presenters: Chancellor Wood, Lorna Hollowell, Sue Erickson, Soo-Yin Lim-Thompson, Alvin Killough, Gail Myers, and Sean Knox. Bede Ballroom, University of Minnesota Crookston, MN.

Educational Background

  • M.A. Psychology - Industrial / Organization - University of North Carolina at Charolotte

  • Ph.D. Psychology - North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

University Committee Memberships

  • Behavioral Alert System Subcommittee (2007)

  • Chancellor's "Emergency Response" Committee

  • Chancellor's "Smoke Free Advisory" Committee (2007)

  • Counseling Search Committee - Chair (2007)

  • Diversity Search Committee - Chair (2007)


Thirty-five scientific presentations to international, national, regional and local audiences: Continued recognition by peers, community members and students.

Active consultancy and a demonstrated commitment to capacity building and community health services with a focus on providing technical assistance (i.e., health education / promotion, cultural competency, substance abuse prevention, program proposal review and evaluation), and health disparities (supervise and edit medical education and publication projects for the scientific community).

Administrative responsibilities concomitant with new undergraduate degree program development: Document program relationship to institutional/marketplace needs; make decisions regarding degree requirements, curriculum development and course sequence; cultivate and secure external funding resources to support paid internships; and evaluate existing and projected resource sufficiency to provide for a program of high quality.

Authored / coauthored twenty-nine interdisciplinary publications with two currently In Press, and two In Progress; each related to underserved and understudied populations. Eight publications by mentored students.

Consistent media exposure related to community health and related issues.

Ph.D. Cultural Ecological Behavioral Health Psychologist with 10 years interdisciplinary applied prevention research and instruction experience in the design of social and health science research studies, and in coordinating and conducting research to measure, evaluate and improve individual outcomes within a systems framework (i.e., family, peer, gender, cultural) in education, chronic diseases and potential socio-behavioral and bio-medical pathologies (i.e., substance use and abuse, sickle cell disease, human immunodeficiency virus, and essential hypertension).

Significant project management experience including providing final oversight on scientific content for project proposals, consultancy with colleagues at a major medical center including supervising and assisting in the training of scientific writers.

In the News

May 11, 2016
Celebrating excellence and service by faculty and staff, UMC Faculty and Staff Day was held Tuesday, May 10, in Bede Ballroom.