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Faculty & Staff Profile

Donald Cavalier

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
Career Services
Counseling Services
(218) 281-8585


  • Provide individual and group counseling in the areas of personal, educational, career development, interpersonal relationships, family and social problems

  • Provide education and training for staff members regarding issues governing the delivery of counseling and psychological services

  • Provide leadership and direction in administration and coordination of Counseling and Career Services

  • Provision of consultation and leadership in policy formation and program development

  • Serve as Director for Counseling and Career Services, Office for Students with Disabilities, and Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention (AODAP) Program

  • Sensitivity to the needs of traditionally under served population such as ethnic and cultural minorities and non-traditional students.

  • Provide counseling information and services to students, faculty, and staff

  • Preparation of annual reports

  • Coordinate On-Campus recruiting and provide Counseling and Career Services to employers

  • Conduct follow-up studies of graduates

  • Coordination, recruitment, training, supervisory, development and evaluation of professional and support staff

  • Disseminate information of the availability of career counseling

  • Preparation and administration of Counseling and Career Services budget

  • Collect and maintain records, credentials, and career information about UMC's job candidates

Research Interests

  • UMC Graduates

  • Psychology

  • Job Market Information

  • Employer Satisfaction

  • Employee Satisfaction

Awards, Distinctions, and Honors

  • 2010 Builders of Diversity Award

  • 2015 Distinguished Civil Service, AFSCME Clerical/Technical or Teamster Award

  • 1997-98 Civil Service Chairperson

  • 1997 Innovations In Student Development Award (MCPA)

  • 1996-Present Job Service Employee Committee Chairperson (1996-Present)

  • 1976-80 Alumni Service Award

Selected Publications

  • Various Grants - Career Services

  • Placement Follow-up studies (1976 - present)

  • National Career Development Guidelines (NGDG) Expert (Panelist and Researcher)


  • Professional Trainer - Performax Systems

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Trainer

  • National Certified Counselor

  • National Certified Career Counselor

  • Certificate of Appreciation for Student Services-Residential Life

  • Minnesota Prevention Resource Center (MPRC) Trainer

  • Carlson Company Associate

University Committee Memberships

  • University Career Services Directors

  • University Counseling Directors

  • Semester Conversion

  • Civil Service Strategic Planning Committee

  • Civil Service Committee (Past Chairperson)

  • Civil Service Legislative Committee (Chairperson)

  • All University Staff Day

Professional Memberships

  • Northwestern Minnesota Counselors Association

  • Minnesota School Counselors Association

  • Minnesota College Personal Association

Local Community Memberships

  • Knights of Columbus

  • Crookston Rotary

  • Crookston Eagles

  • Crookston Counselors and Special Services Committee



Retired in July 2016.