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Faculty & Staff Profile

W Svedarsky

Agriculture and Natural Resources Department
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Associated Majors

Research Interests

  • LCMR project entitled Integrated Prairie Management with personnel from West Central Research and Outreach Center (Greg Cuomo), University of Minnesota, Morris (Margaret Kuthenreuther), Clay County Planning Commission (Tim Magnuson), and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (Cindy Buttleman). The $350,000 project was funded by the Minnesota Legislature and commenced on July 1, 1999.

  • Initiated 3-year project in 2007 to radio-tag female greater prairie chickens in northwest Minnesota to study their reproductive ecology and then translocate birds to Wisconsin to supplement their populations.

  • Five-year cooperative prairie bird project with Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Jamestown, ND (Doug Johnson, Lead Cooperator) and the State University of New York at Syracuse (Maiken Winter and Terri Donovan). Project title: Assessment of Bird Conservation Areas and Their Effectiveness in Maintaining Successfully Reproducing Populations of Grassland Birds. This project was based in northwest Minnesota, and expanded to the Sheyenne National Grasslands of North Dakota in the summer of 1999.

Awards, Distinctions, and Honors

  • National Stewardship Award - The Nature Conservancy. 1981.

  • The Hamerstrom Award - Prairie Grouse Technical Council. 1995.

  • The Minnesota Award - Minnesota Chapter of Wildlife Society. 1999.

  • University of Minnesota Academy of Distinguished Teachers. 1998.

  • Horace T. Morse - U of MN Alumni Assoc. Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education. 1997.

  • Honorary State Farmer - MN Vocational Agriculture Association. 1996.

  • 2007 Builders of Diversity Award

  • 2009 Outstanding Community Service Award

  • Honorary lifetime member - The Nature Conservancy

  • 1995 Distinguished Teaching Award

Selected Publications

  • Svedarsky, W.D., R.L. Westemeier, R.J. Robel, S. Gough, and J.E. Toepfer. 2000. Status and management of the greater prairie chicken in North America. Wildlife Biology. 6: 277-284.

  • Svedarsky, W.D., R.H. Hier, and N.J. Silvy. 1999. The Greater Prairie Chicken - a national look. Misc. Pub. 99-1999. Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Minnesota. 187 pp.

  • Svedarsky, W.D., T.J. Wolfe, and J.E. Toepfer. 1999. Status and management of the greater prairie chicken in Minnesota. Pages 25-38 in Svedarsky, W. D., R. H. Hier, and N. J. Silvy. (Editors). 1999 The greater prairie chicken: a national look. Miscellaneo

  • Winter, M., D. H. Johnson, J. A. Shaffer, T. M. Donovan, and W. D. Svedarsky. 2006. Patch size and landscape effects on density and nest success of grassland birds. Journal of Wildlife Management. 70(1):158-172.

  • Winter, M., D. H. Johnson, J. A. Shaffer, T.M. Donovan, W. D. Svedarsky, P. A. Jones, and B. R. Euliss. 2005. Habitat and nesting of Le Conte's sparrows in the northern tallgrass prairie. Journal of Field Ornithology. 76:61-71.

  • Svedarsky, W.D., R. Sayre, and J.L. Engelstad. 2001. The Mentor Prairie Wildlife Management Area: Assessment and Management. Northwest Research and Outreach Center, University of Minnesota, Crookston. 67 pp.

  • Svedarsky, W.D., C.F. Tydeman, and R.D. Crawford. 1995. Gravel pits as wildlife habitat for wetland wildlife in North America and Europe. Pages 679-683 in J. Bissonette and P. Krausman, eds., Proc. Int. Wildl. Manage. Cong., The Wildlife Society, Bethesda

  • Huseby, J. T., Svedarsky, W. D., and Crawford, R. D.. Dabbling duck production from a cultivated wild rice landscape in northwest Minnesota. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 29(3):838-845

  • Maiken Winter,M. D. H. Johnson, J. A. Shaffer, and W. D. Svedarsky. 2004. Nesting biology of three grassland passerines in the northern tallgrass prairie. The Wilson Bulletin. 116:211-223.

  • Svedarsky, W. D., J. E. Toepfer, R. L. Westemeier, and R. J. Robel. 2005. Effects of management practices on grassland birds: Greater Prairie-Chicken. Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, Jamestown, ND. Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Onli

  • Svedarsky, W.D. and G.L. VanAmburg. 1996. Integrated management of the greater prairie chicken and livestock on the Sheyenne National Grasslands. Northwest Experiment Station, U. of Minnesota, Crookston. 112 pp.

  • Svedarsky, W.D., M.A. Kuchenreuther, G.J. Cuomo, P. Buesseler, H. Moeching, and A. Singh 2002. A Landowner's Guide to Prairie Management

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology from the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

  • M.S in Botany (Plant Ecology) from the University of Missouri, Columbia

  • B.S. in Biology from the University of Missouri, Columbia

Professional Memberships

  • Soil and Water Conservation Society

  • The Nature Conservancy

  • The North American Wildlife Technology Assocation (Past president)

  • The Wildlife Society (President Elect)

  • Society for Ecological Restoration (Charter member)

  • Prairie Grouse Technical Council

  • Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society

  • North Central Section Representative to The Wildlife Society

  • North Dakota Natural Science Society

  • Minnesota Ornithologists' Union