About Career Planning for Parents and Families

Did you know . . . that parents are the #1 influence over their sons/daughters educational and career choices!

UMC wants to help parents to help their sons/daughters to prepare for and make sound career and educational decisions.

University freshmen aren't the only ones who may feel a little anxious when they arrive on the University of Minnesota, Crookston Campus. Parents face their own uncertainties about how to let go and yet remain involved in their sons/daughters lives throughout their college career. The Career and Counseling Department responds to parental concerns and offers a network of support and information about careers, counseling, alcohol and other drugs, diversity and multicultural affairs, and disability services

Our goal in UMC Career Development Services is to help students apply their education and experiences toward advancing their career goals over a lifetime. Our offices in Sargeant Student Center work together with other offices and departments to provide a full range of services to help students make the transition from UMC to a first job or graduate school. 


Our Services

We look forward to working with your student in UMC Career Development Services! At the links below you will find an introduction to the programs and services we offer:


Advising and Counseling

Career Counseling
In-depth assistance is provided for students who want to clarify career direction or determine occupations of interest. The Self Directed Search, Strengths, Campbell Skills and Interest Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Inventory are computerized guidance programs, and other assessment tools help define career preferences. In addition, career advisors specializing in a wide range of areas of interest are available.

Programs to assist with career planning, developing job-search skills, and applying for graduate and professional education are offered regularly. The basic job-search series covers resumes, cover letters, interviewing, job-search strategies, summer jobs, and internships.

Job-Search Advising
A Professional Career advisor offers assistance with career planning and the job search. Career advising, and exploration and counseling is offered to help students clarify career direction or determine occupations of interest, through career advisors in Sargeant Student Center, Suite 245. In addition, career advisors specialize in dozens of areas of interest.

Career Development staff also offer extensive programs each year on topics related to career exploration and development.

Career fairs and other recruiting events offer on-campus forums to network, gather information, and meet employers from a variety of sectors, including environmental, government, and nonprofit.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance
In addition to the information available on preparing these documents, a career counselor will review the content and presentation of resumes and job-search correspondence.

Interview Preparation
We offer a wide range of assistance in preparing for interviews, including simulated interviews, in which verbal and nonverbal communication skills are critiqued. We also provide InterviewStream, an on-line 24/7 program to practice interviewing anywhere any time.


Career Information Services

UMC Career Library
A comprehensive collection of books, directories, job bulletins, and audio and videotapes is available to help students research career options and identify potential employers. The UMC Library is located in Kiehle Hall and maintains a collection of college-specific materials.

Employer Information
Company literature and profiles, videotapes, and brochures supplied by organizations that recruit on campus help students research employers and prepare for interviews.

Students should register with our GoldPASS system and indicate their career interests in their student profile. They can also place and store as many resumes and information on this system to help them find a job or career.


Job Search Services

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance
In addition to the information available on preparing these documents, a career counselor will review the content and presentation of resumes and job-search correspondence.

Jobs for UMC Students
A listing of jobs exclusively for UMC students is updated daily, providing job descriptions and application information for regional, national, and international employers on our GoldPASS System.

Summer Jobs and Internships
Short-term positions—on campus, elsewhere in Crookston, or away from campus—that can help students clarify career options and gain valuable career-related experience are posted.

On-Campus Recruiting
Over 80 employers, primarily from the corporate sector, visit UMC’s campus each year to conduct interviews and attend our UMC Job and Internship Fair. Student have been successful in securing job and internships for summer and full-time employment.


Other Employment Services

Employer Information Sessions
Employers organize sessions to introduce students to their companies, usually in conjunction with an on-campus recruiting visit. The sessions provide a forum for job seekers to meet potential employers and for undergraduates to learn more about a particular employer or career field.

Employer Career Fairs
Career fairs offer on-campus forums to gather information, develop networks, and meet employers from a variety of sectors, including corporate, environmental, and not-for-profit.


Graduate and Professional School Advising

Advising and Programs
Services are offered on the graduate school application process, including personal essays, exam study guides, sample admissions tests, and registration materials for national tests. Directories of graduate study are also available.

Health Careers
Advising, resources, and orientation sessions for students pursuing careers in veterinary medicine and health-related professions are provided.

Advising and programs are offered on the application process, including personal statements.


Connecting Students with Alumni and Other Career "Specialists"

Shadowing Programs
UMC friends (including family members) host students in the workplace during semester breaks and other times to give an insider's view of a career field.

Information Interviews
The Career Development Alumni Mentor Network is an online resource that enables students to obtain career advice from alumni and other professionals working in diverse fields. Students are also encouraged to conduct information interviews in person during semester breaks. Let us know if you are interested in participating.

Alumni Forums
Alumni participate in career panels, career days, on-campus recruiting, employer career fields, and information sessions to help students establish contacts and learn about specific career fields. 


A few final thoughts...

The college years are a time of exploration, experimentation, and learning on many levels for students and their parents! Some student challenges may seem more positive than others, but all contribute to the educational outcomes of the college or university experience.

Throughout these years, students are developing a "record of achievement" which will be evaluated by employers and graduate schools as they move beyond college. There are several pieces of this record:

Academic achievement. Although it is not (and should not be) the primary factor in determining a candidate's success, the grade point average (GPA) is one factor considered by competitive employers and graduate schools. It is one of the few tangible indications of a student's ability to learn and perform effectively, at least in the academic environment. Therefore, students need to do as well as possible in the classroom, especially in courses in their majors.

Responsible work experience. In today's competitive employment market, many employers seek students who have related internship, summer, cooperative education, or part-time job or volunteer experiences. In fact, employers often look to their own such programs as primary sources for their new hires. These experiences are particularly critical for liberal arts students whose majors may not appear to be directly related to their areas of career interest.

Responsible involvement outside the classroom. Extracurricular activities provide the opportunity for students to gain many valuable and career-related skills such as the ability to work effectively with others in a team environment; leadership; planning and organizational skills; and priority-setting and time management. These are part of the package of skills employers seek in their new hires.

Best of luck to you in navigating the challenging waters of parenting a college or university student.