Guide to Helping Students

Welcome Faculty & Staff

UMC Career Development offers career development services to all students.

Our staff offer assistance with such things as career exploration, graduate and professional school advising and preparation, health careers, legal careers, internship and full-time job searches, fellowships, and specialized advising. We also maintain a library of career-related materials, including general information and specialized resources.

Our goal is to help students apply their education and experiences toward advancing their career goals over a lifetime. We invite you to become familiar with Career Development so that you can encourage your advisees and other students to explore our resources and services.

How You Can Help
As a UMC faculty member, you play an important role in directing students to our services, and you can also help enrich some of these services. Faculty members serve as mentors and participate in mock interviews for students applying for prestigious fellowships. They also provide a critical service to UMC students applying to Veterinarian School, Law School, medical school, and other graduates schools, by interviewing applicants and writing letters of evaluation.

"Faculty Involvement in the advising program make a significant difference in the success of helping UMC students in their graduate application process. The University and the students assisted through these programs appreciate and value your participation."

Handling Employer Calls
Providing a Reference
Classroom Visits
Faculty Meetings
Employer Information



Handling Employers Calls

Faculty members may receive phone calls from employers requesting names of top students in their fields. It is important that you understand your responsibilities to maintaining a fair and equitable process for all students when faced with such requests. 

The Career Center at UMC is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), and follows NACE's Guide to Ethical and Legal Standards in Student Hiring. 

If you receive an inquiry from an employer, please let us know. Career Development staff are always eager to pursue new ways to reach students, and would be happy to collaborate with you on ideas for programs or class presentations.

Employers are also often interested in meeting with faculty members to learn more about current fields of study and to discuss trends and needs in the workplace. Please let us know if you're interested in meeting with employers, and we will help to facilitate these discussions.


Providing a Reference

Many students at the University of Minnesota Crookston will ask faculty and staff members to act as references during their job search process. It is important for faculty and staff to be knowledgeable of legal implications of serving as a reference for a student. For those unfamiliar with these legal issues, the tips and web sites below offer some guidance.

Tips for References:

  • You are not obligated to serve as a reference for a student -- if you do not feel comfortable doing so, be direct with the student and tell them no
  • If contacted by an employer to give a reference, only do so if you have written permission from a student (i.e. signed application form, signed letter from student)
  • Information that you share should be based on fact and your experience with the student
  • Do not share personal information that is basis for discrimination even if you believe it might benefit the student (such as marital status, race, religion)
  • NACE has extensive articles and guidelines to help faculty and staff understand the comprehensive legal issues involved when serving as a reference. These articles are linked below for your convenience.

Reference Resources:


Classroom Visits - Don’t Cancel Your Class! We can help!

The University of Minnesota Crookston Career Development Office is committed to helping faculty and instructors incorporate career development into their work with students. One way we do this is via classroom or student organization visits that can take a variety of forms:

Customized classroom presentations, 20 minutes to an hour in length, on career specific topics such as resumes & cover letters, mock interviews, job & internship searching, networking, and more.

To schedule a classroom visit, please contact our department. We will work to find a time when we can schedule a presentation for your class that will best meet your student’s needs.

*Please allow two weeks notice for all classroom presentations.


Faculty Meetings

In addition to conducting classroom presentations, we are eager to visit faculty or department meetings to give an overview of the University of Minnesota Crookston Campus Career Development services. We enjoy the opportunity to dialog with faculty about current career issues and concerns facing undergraduate students. To schedule a visit to a staff meeting or for assistance in answering a career related question, contact our office where you will be referred to a career professional for assistance.

Employer Information

Annual reports, company literature and profiles, videotapes, and brochures supplied by organizations that recruit on campus help students research employers and prepare for interviews.



UMC Career Development, in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, conducts annual surveys of graduates on Career Outcomes.