How Parents Can Become Career Partners with UMC

Parents Can Partner with UMC By:

  • Volunteer to visit with students via e-mail to discuss occupations and careers
  • Join UMC's Parent Speaker Bureau: Speak in UMC classes/conferences/workshops/parent panels/discussion groups
  • Assist in arranging internships
  • List job vacancies and hire UMC students for full-time/part-time jobs
  • Act as mentors for UMC students and share life experiences.
  • Student Group visitation to your place of business
  • Volunteer for UMC projects
  • Parent Panels
  • Provide Job Shadowing experiences
  • Attend Parent's Day
  • Provide opportunities for Service Learning and volunteer activities for students


Parents need to know:

  • The job market is changing daily
  • The influence of computers can be found in virtually every aspect of our lives
  • US companies now operate in an international economy
  • International markets create greater competition at home and abroad
  • Companies are streamlining for greater profitability
  • Rapidly developing technology has changed the tools of doing business
  • Jobs of the future will require greater levels of skill and knowledge


How does this affect what jobs are available?

  • About 50% of all jobs will require two years postsecondary technical training and/or four years higher education
  • Many of the jobs that are in existence now did not exist ten or even five years ago
  • Most people will change careers an average of 5-7 times before they retire
  • Skills needed to get and keep a job are continually changing! All workers need to be dedicated to lifelong learning
  • Some jobs have been eliminated, others invented and other given new responsibilities


Three steps to career planning:

Encourage your son/daughter to visit UMC's Career Development to:

1. Get to know themselves through self-assessment
    A. Have them take a skills and interest inventory
    B. Have them take a personality inventory

2. Explore and research careers and occupations through:
    A. Course Work
    B. Campus Organizations
    C. Volunteer Work

3. Discover
    A. Find out what it takes to be placed in a job
    B. Service Learning Projects
    C. Internship

UMC's Career Development office can help with each of these steps.