Telecounseling Services:

Talkspace: Talkspace is an online therapy service that matches clients with licensed therapists for one-on-one counseling services.  Instructions on how to get started are listed below:

  1. Get an assessment: Chat with matching therapist to identify your therapy needs
  2. Choose the right plan: Choose a payment plan that suits your budget.  Plan starts at $32/wk.
  3. Find your match: Talkspace will help you find the best therapist for you. Begin therapy: Start messaging your primary therapist anytime, anywhere.

During Therapy:

  1. Your own therapist: Once you are matched, you'll be working with the same licensed therapist every time.
  2. When you want: You can set aside time every day, or write when the mood strikes you.  Your room is always open.
  3. Regular responses: Therapists respond 1-2 times per day.  If you need more, simply schedule a video chat.
  4. Customer support: Support is available to help answer non-clinical questions about how Talkspace works.                    

Betterhelp Telecounseling Services: Betterhelp provides convenient, affordable, private online counseling services anytime anywhere with a licensed counselor.

  1. Fill out a questionnaire to help assess your needs and get matched to a Betterhelp counselor.
  2. Message your counselor whenever and wherever through the website or mobile app.
  3. Not happy with your counselor?  Request a new counselor at any time.