Multicultural Education

All Gender Restroom Map. Click to view map.What is the main goal of multicultural education?

To respect and appreciate cultural diversity. To promote the understanding of unique cultural and ethnic heritage. To promote the development of culturally responsible and responsive curricula. To facilitate acquisition of the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to function in various cultures. To eliminate racism and discrimination in society. To achieve social, political, economic, and educational equity. -NAME (National Association for Multicultural Education)

Mission, Vision and Goals

Mission, Vision and Goals


Multicultural Education is an essential part of student success. Through training, programming, and alliance opportunities, our campus will foster a culture of belonging.


By actively participating in campus, community and virtual opportunities, every administrator, faculty member, staff member and student will learn about respecting and appreciating cultural diversity and will be committed to creating positive change both on and off-campus.


  • Support students and student organizations related to multi-ethnic, LGBTQIA+ identities, and women’s concerns
  • Organize educational events that promote and improve diversity awareness on campus
  • Offer trainings for student leaders, faculty and staff to better understand their own personal and social identities



  • Recruit and retain students with marginalized identities, including students of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, women, first generation college students, and Pell-eligible students

  • Promote and advise multicultural student organizations

  • Create multicultural programming that provides a historical context and centers the voices and experiences of people with marginalized identities

  • Offer diversity/inclusion training to student leaders, faculty and staff

  • Assist university in building connections within the community

Yearly Programs

Yearly Programs


  • Diversity Luncheon (Welcome)


  • Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month
  • National Coming Out Day


  • Native American Heritage Month


  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration


  • Interfaith Week
  • Black History Month


  • International Women's Day


  • Asisan/Pacific American Heritage Month
  • Diversity Week


  • Graduation Celebration


  • Community Events that center around higher education attainability for communities with marginalized identities.

Department Faculty & Staff

Department Faculty & Staff

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Multicultural Education

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