Student and Family Experience

The Student and Family Experience office is dedicated to provide new students and their families with resources to better assist them with their transition to the University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC).

Confirmation Orientation/Registration Deposit (CORD)

Confirmation Orientation/Registration Deposit (CORD)

Let us know you're coming to UMC!

How can you deposit?

  • Pay via check (with student ID in memo section)
  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card via phone- Call Business Office at 218-281-8570  (2.75% convenience fee)
If you're an incoming freshman,transfer, or international student, you need to confirm your enrollment for Fall 2019 by paying a $100 non-refundable deposit by the May 1 National Decision Day in order to be eligible to take the next steps toward becoming a Golden Eagle, including:
  • Signing up for Summer Orientation
  • Registering for classes
  • Receiving your housing room assignment

It is very important to confirm your enrollment as soon as possible!

Deposit Details

    • Required of all new on campus students who plan to enroll in classes for Fall 2019.

    • National Decision Day is May 1.

    • Non-refundable, but may be applied to future terms if you're unable to enroll for Fall 2019. Call 218-281-8570 for details.

    • You can make your online payment through the Business Office via credit card (2.75% convenience fee), check with student ID written in the memo section, or cash. 

    • *Make checks payable to “UMC” or “University of MN Crookston” and mail to:
      UMC FYE
      2900 University Ave
      170A Owen Hall
      Crookston, MN 56716

Summer Orientation and Registration

Summer Orientation and Registration

summer orientation sessions horizontal

*Sample* Summer Orientation Schedule

Time Event
8:30 - 9:00 a.m. Check In (Sargeant Student Center)
9:00 a.m. Welcome
9:15 a.m. Taking Care of Business at UMC! (Hear from the Business Office and Office of Financial Aid)
10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Student Registration, Parent and Family Sessions, and Student Success Fair
1:00 p.m. Lunch


UMN Crookston's Summer Orientation program will help introduce new students to the many opportunities that await them and assist with transition to college life and the University of Minnesota Crookston.

This day will consist of: meeting with a faculty advisor, current UMC students and staff, learning how to read the APAS report (transfer of credit), and registering for first semester classes. New students will also learn more about our academic programs, extracurricular activities and the many opportunities here at UMC. Participating students will receive valuable information about campus, financial aid, student accounts and upcoming Welcome Weekend and Move-In Day. By the end of the day students will better understand the nuts and bolts of being a student and will make your transition to a registered Golden Eagle!

Family members or support individuals of new students are also invited to attend Advisement & Registration. UMC's Student and Family Experience department hosts a separate family program that runs concurrently with the student’s registration schedule.

Prepare yourself for Registration:

Golden Eagle Welcome Weekend - Move-In Day

Golden Eagle Welcome Weekend - Move-In Day

Research indicated that students who attend Welcome Weekend perform better in college and are more likely to graduate than those who do not attend. New student Orientation is required of all new students to UMC. It's a weekend full of educational, informational, and all out FUN planned just for you! 

Move In Day

When does Welcome Weekend begin?

Fall orientation typically runs the Friday through Monday before fall semester classes begin.  Click the button below for details on this year's Golden Eagle Welcome Weekend events!

Golden Eagle Welcome Weekend

I'm a transfer student, do I need to attend Welcome Weekend?

As a Transfer student we understand that you have "been there" & "done that", so we offer you the choice on how you would like to get started here at UMC. You have the option of joining us for Welcome Weekend, or you can choose to attend the mandatory Monday "Transition Crookston" orientation, which is for transfer students and non-traditional students only. 

I'm a parent/family/guest of a new or transfer student, are there activities that I can attend?

We are glad you are here as your student begins his or her education at the University of Minnesota Crookston! There are programs and activities for parents and families on the Friday of Welcome Weekend, such as an evening meal (additional charge applies for parents/guests) and a send-off for parents and guests.  Attending these events is a great opportunity for you to meet other students who are also attending UMC for the first time.  Make sure to dress in casual and comfortable clothing as you will be busy throughout the day. 

I'm an upperclassman and want to help with Welcome Weekend, what do I need to know?

Awesome!  Consider becoming an S.O.S. (Student Orientation Staff) Leader! S.O.S. Leaders are volunteer students who help welcome new students to campus during Welcome Weekend.  We also need students to help with transfer student orientation (a.k.a. "Transition Crookston") by becoming a Transition Ambassador.  Applications and complete job descriptions can be obtained from the Student and Family Experience office.

Family and Community Weekend

Family and Community Weekend

Family Weekend Header

Current students and their families as well as prospective students from the local region and their families take part in "Golden Eagle Family and Community Weekend", which is a series of events throughout a weekend in early Fall.

Golden Eagle Family & Community Weekend
TBD Fall 2019

Learn more

Parent & New Student Resources

Parent & New Student Resources

Parent & New Student Resources

UMC provides opportunities for family members to be involved in their student's first year in college through various programs such as parent orientation, which is concurrent with Welcome Weekend

What does your student's year look like?

August Timeline

September Timeline

October Timeline

November Timeline

December Timeline

January Timeline

March Timeline

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May Timeline

Summer Timeline

Want to stay connected?


UMC Resources

Community Resources

Other Resources

Tips for Parents and Prospective Students

Resources by Jay Zarr - High Impact Training

These suggestions are adapted from The Chronicle of Higher Education

Some universities give students a big discount the first year, but then raise the price. They might even guarantee the same amount of aid, but neglect to mention that it won't increase along with the inevitable sticker-price increases.

  • Tip: Before accepting a university's offer, call the admissions office and ask "In subsequent years, if my family's income remains the same, can I expect to have the same percentage of my need met?"

Some universities hide information, like their cost of attendance and their graduation rate. The average four-year graduation rate at four-year universities is just 37 percent.

Some universities publish confusing statistics on, for example, how small their classes are. They may boast that half their offerings enroll 20 or fewer students, but not many take those small classes, while the classes that are more widely attended typically have 100 to 500 students.

  • Tip: Ask the admissions office, "How many students are in classes like psychology or chemistry?"

Some universities offer enticing majors like journalism, television broadcasting, and studio art, but fail to mention that most of their graduates never earn enough from those degrees to even pay back their student loans.

  • Tip: Contact the university's career center and ask, "What percentage of graduates in the major that interests me are professionally employed in that field within six months of graduation?" UMC has a 97% job placement rate, with a 96% placement in field of study.

Some universities know they don't have enough housing for all their freshman.

  • Tip: Ask what housing you will be guaranteed and for how long. Get it in writing.

Spring 2019 Transition Crookston Schedule

Spring 2019 Transition Crookston Schedule

Transition Crookston Spring 2019
Sunday, January 6

Transition Crookston is a one-day program that helps new students become acquainted with our campus, meet new friends, and make smoother transitions into college life. It is organized for New Freshman, Transfers, and Non-Traditional Students. See the Transition Crookston Spring 2019 schedule below. Please note that Transition Crookston is mandatory for all new students entering UMC spring 2019 semester. 

Time Event
2:30 pm Check In (Sargeant Student Center)
3:00 pm Welcome
3:10 pm Transitioning to Life at UMC
4:00 pm UMC Academic Survival Guide
5:00 pm Dinner


Community Host Program

Community Host Program

U of M Crookston Community Host Program

The purpose of the University of Minnesota Crookston (U of M Crookston) Community Host Program is to facilitate informal friendships and networking between alumni, faculty & staff, administrators, Crookston community members, and other friends of the U of M Crookston with our first-year students. To accomplish this goal, the program matches a member of the Crookston community with a student (or two) and encourages periodic communication, interaction, and meetings. The University of Minnesota Crookston Office of Student Affairs will sponsors six events throughout the academic year for hosts and their U of M Crookston student/s, but what happens beyond that is up to the host and their student/s. Examples of activities shared by hosts and students include: Golden Eagle athletic events, outdoor adventures, outings to local attractions or events, or a shared meal (e.g. local restaurant, host home, U of M Crookston food service facilities, etc.).

This mutually beneficial program aims to create a home away from home for students. The program can help ease the transition to college life for new students away from home, perhaps for the first time; it can help engage and nurture meaningful connections between students and community members; and, it also helps expose both the hosts and students to a diverse cultures, foods, religions, and lifestyles as we help “Bring the World to Crookston” with students from around the United States and the world.

Community Host Program's 3 Main Objectives:

  1. Increase cultural competency through programs and relationships.

  2. Building campus and community relationship through networking opportunities and experiences.

  3. Increase retention by nurturing a sense of belonging.

In the first year of this pilot program, we would like to start with a small group of students and hosts. We plan to open the program to all new first year U of M Crookston students. Availability to students will depend on the availability of community hosts, as community hosts are the lifeline of the program. Their time and support are essential to enhancing the student experience and help our student persist to graduation and their career, hopefully in Crookston.  

The program is optional for these new students and hosts. Both the students and hosts would have the opportunity to enter into or withdraw from the program.  If things are not going as expected, a request can be made for a different student or host, if one is available. If things are going great as we hope, hosts can request an additional student.  

After the first year, we hope these students and hosts will continue their new relationship at some level.  Hosts can maintain their relationship with their student and even take on new students in future years.  It is is our intent that long lasting relationships are developed and these students will maintain a bond to the host and Crookston.  It would be great if there are future reunions and homecomings and our students make an effort to return to Crookston and connect with U of M Crookston and their host.

The program starts with an application process, students are matched with members of the local community who may share similar interests. After that, the program can be whatever you make of it. Whether it’s occasional dinners, to help remind students what a home cooked meal tastes like, a day at the lake, or just to be a familiar face at a Golden Eagle sporting event, the Community Host Program offers a myriad of fulfilling ways to help a student attending college. 


Sponsored events:

  • Meet & Greet Reception & Training

  • Family & Community Day at Homecoming

  • Dine at Ma Brown Week 

  • Spring Semester Reception

  • International Dinner event Finale (Date TBD)

  • Final, wrap up event 


Who can be a community host?

  • Any member of the Crookston or U of M Crookston community.

  • Families (traditional or non-traditional)

  • Families with or without children

  • Single Adults


Examples what you could do with your student(s):

  • Go on a bike ride

  • Have a game night

  • Have them over for dinner

  • Join them for a meal in the U of M Crookston cafeteria (no charge)

  • Show them your favorite spot in the region

  • Take them to the Grand Theater

  • Go to a Golden Eagle sporting event (no charge)

  • Take them to Grand Forks

  • Attend a campus sponsored event (no charge)

  • Invite them over for a holiday or family event to share your culture


What are the expectations for a host?

As a host, you would be volunteering your time to support one or more college students who need a familiar face in their new community. There is little to no financial commitment with the program.  If you prefer, you can request more than one student. Often times it helps students to adjust when they have a peer by their side. Also, the program is fully funded and sponsored by U of M Crookston Student Affairs. Understand that this is completely voluntary, but we do appreciate your investment in the success of U of M Crookston college students. If you have any questions, contact Aaron Meyer (


Some of the benefits for host are:

  • Influencing a student’s success at the University of Minnesota Crookston.

  • Interacting with the younger generation.

  • Offering encouragement and support to a student.

  • Interaction with fellow participating community members.

  • Being a network to a student who will contribute to our local economy and community.

  • Invaluable education to both host families and students.

  • Introducing your family to new cultures and languages.

  • Creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

  • Each member of your immediate family will receive FREE season tickets to Golden Eagle Athletic events.

  • The student(s) can be a positive role model for your children.

  • You will be more involved with the campus.

  • You will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the future of a U of M Crookston student.

  • Bring the world to you, your family and your community by opening your home.

  • Being involved in an enriching experience that promotes emotional and personal growth.


Benefits To Golden Eagle Students:

  • You’ll share cultures and form bonds that can last a lifetime.

  • Learn about American history and society (International students).

  • Opportunity to participate in community service projects.

  • Volunteer community hosts support students through various events, activities, life issues, and other opportunities determined by you and your host.

  • Networking opportunities.

  • Having an adult influence is extremely beneficial to a new college student.  College students are at a very pivotal time in their lives - having someone around for support and advice is essential for their success.


How to Participate:

For Adults (Hosts) interested in participating in this program, please complete this survey -> Host Survey

For Students Interested in participating in this program, please complete this survey -> Student Survey


Connecting Campus to Our Community!

Student and Family Experience's Mission and Goals

Student and Family Experience's Mission and Goals


The Student and Family Experience program is dedicated to provide all students:

  • A comprehensive introduction to UMC and the services the campus offers.
  • Opportunities to participate in activities that will allow students to enhance their educational experience at UMC.
  • A connection to the campus community; including faculty, staff and other students.
  • A chance to experience personal and intellectual growth.


  • Assist new students in their transition to the college environment.
  • Provide an orientation to campus resources and facilities.
  • Support students in achieving their educational goals.
  • Create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes a positive attitude and stimulates an excitement for learning. Improve retention rates.
  • Be a source of information for students about campus policies, procedures, requirements, academic programs, and campus activities.
  • Address the needs and concerns of residential, commuter, non-traditional, and international students.
  • Be a source of information for parents and family members of students.

Department Faculty & Staff

Department Faculty & Staff

Dir Orientation/Comm Outreach
170-A Owen Hall
(218) 281-8570


Summer Orientation Sessions

Student and Family Experience

University of Minnesota Crookston

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