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Prospective Post Secondary Enrollment Option Students (PSEO)

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The Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) is a state program that gives students capable of working at the post-secondary level an opportunity to receive post-secondary credits while completing high school graduation requirements. This is an option for students to enrich the education they are currently receiving at their local public school, private school, alternative area learning center or home school environment.

Don't forget...PSEO is offered on campus and online!

PSEO Application Deadlines

Fall 2019 - July 12, 2019

How to Apply

  1. Complete both PSEO application forms. (Form 1 PDF File Icon and Form 2 PDF File Icon).
  2. Submit official high school transcripts. *
  3. Submit official ACT scores. **

*Transcripts are considered official if they bear the original signature of the high school, seal of the institution, or printed on security paper. Transcripts must have been issued within the last year.

Please see all online course offerings here.

Home Schooled Students:
- Transcripts must included the school year, enrollment grade level, grade received, and course/credit listing. 
- The transcript should give full high school details as well as being dated with a contact person.

**ACT scores are considered official if they are delivered directly from ACT or listed on the official high school transcript. Students can register for the ACT by visiting

Who is eligible to take part in the PSEO program at UMC?

High School juniors or seniors that have a 21 or better ACT composite score and a cumulative secondary school GPA of 3.0 or higher. Throughout the course of a student’s career in the PSEO program, he or she must maintain a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher.

What do you need to consider?

In class you will be treated as any other college student.

  1. You will have full responsibility for managing your time.
  2. You will be expected to meet deadlines without being reminded.
  3. You will be expected to complete work at the level of a college student/high school graduate.
  4. You will have to study more outside of the classroom.

What will it cost to take part in the PSEO program at UMC?

You will not be charged for tuition, books, or technology fees. These expenses are covered as part of your high school education. This also gives you the opportunity to take part in our laptop university, wireless access, and other great technological tools! Books do need to be returned to the campus bookstore at the end of each semester. Transportation is your family’s responsibility. There are funds available to reimburse some of your transportation costs, however, there are federal guidelines stating who does or does not qualify for this assistance. Additional fees may apply to access other resources available on campus such as the Wellness Center. Ask an admissions counselor to see about qualifications.

Why work closely with your counselor?

You will be responsible for meeting the high school graduation requirements. Working with your counselor ensures that the college courses you take will meet those expectations and that you will indeed accumulate enough credits for high school graduation. You should be able to take courses that are comparable to those required for graduation.

If you find you must substitute a chosen course for another, or drop a course, notify your counselor at once to ensure your requirements are still being met for high school graduation. Dropping a college course during the high school semester may put you in jeopardy. You may not be allowed to enter a high school class after a specified period of days and could receive a failing grade. If you have to drop or substitute a class, make sure to follow UMC guidelines when doing so.

What are the expectations of a UMC PSEO student?

  1. Maintain a secondary school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and a UMC cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  2. Make sure that all necessary paperwork is turned in on time. The necessary forms must be filled out each semester for students to take part in the PSEO program.
  3. Remain in communication with their high school guidance counselor and their UMC academic advisor.
  4. Attend all regularly scheduled classes.
  5. Attend all mandatory meetings throughout the year. These meetings will be announced well in advance of each meeting. Failure to attend these meetings may jeopardize your registration placement.

What if a university course is failed?

If a class is not passed that is required for high school graduation the student might not be able to graduate with his or her high school class. In addition, there will be a permanent university transcript which will record the failing grade. Keep in mind that a grade received for coursework here at UMC does affect your high school cumulative GPA.

Can PSEO students attend summer sessions?

The PSEO program is only for regular academic year classes.

Can PSEO students be employed on-campus?

PSEO students are ineligible to work in positions whose funding come from federal or state work-study. However, there are non-work study positions at UMC that are open to PSEO students.

What can I do at UMC other than be a “student”?

There are many things to do here at UMC other than take part in coursework! For instance, you can…

  1. Join one of the 34+ student clubs and organization
  2. Attend UMC home varsity athletic sporting events
  3. Take part in UMC Intramural sports
  4. Enjoy free entertainment such as bands, hypnotists, comedians, and more!
  5. Check out a UMC W.O.W (What’s on Wednesday?) event
  6. Make new friends and enjoy being a University of Minnesota Crookston student!!

Important to remember

  1. As a PSEO student you are required to go through the same orientation and registration procedures as a degree-seeking student.
  2. The Minnesota State High School League rules allow you to participate in extra-curricular activities or athletics covered by the League at your high school. You are not allowed to play varsity sports at UMC.

Are there UMC courses or programs that are not offered to PSEO students?

Yes, there are courses and programs that are not eligible for enrollment through the PSEO program. Courses in the Aviation Program (AVIA) are not available to PSEO students. Please note that non-eligible courses and programs are subject to change. 

How do I find out more about PSEO?

Contact your high school counselor or UMC Post Secondary Coordinator Janessa Quanrud - or 218-281-8385if you have additional questions.

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