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UMN Crookston to give away Golden Ticket during Hershey’s visit Friday, August 20

August 3, 2021
UMN Crookston is partnering with the Crookston Ox Cart Days festival committee in giving away three golden tickets and Golden Eagle athletic passes during the Community S’mores event Friday, August 20 at 5 p.m. at Downtown Square during Ox Cart Days.

Software Engineering, Computer Science, and what differentiates the two U of M degrees

August 3, 2021
To make a long story short, and easier to grasp, there is one significant difference that separates software engineering and computer science. A difference that lies within the occupation itself: software! When thinking of computer science, the main focus is the hardware of the computer. Things such as computing (obviously), analysis, data storage and applications, etc. However, software engineering contains more of the ‘fine-tuning’ aspects of computer science and technology. For instance, the internal programming and operating information known as software. As a software engineer, the goal is to design, maintain, test and produce the software that is used by computer scientists. To say the least, they are two sides of the same coin, one profession would be less useful without the other. Software engineers, such as those who attend University of Minnesota Crookston, use the analysis and outlines of computer scientists that allows them to develop seamless frameworks and software programs.

Alumnus Robbins Gifts Artwork to UMN Crookston

August 2, 2021
University of Minnesota Crookston alumna Vanessa Robbins gave back to her alma mater for everything it gave her by providing two pieces of art that will be displayed on campus in the Office of Admissions.

Huglen accepts one-year appointment as Acting Division Head for the Division of Business, Arts, and Education at UMN Crookston

August 2, 2021
“I am excited to share that Mark Huglen, Ph.D. has accepted the role of Acting Division Head for Business, Arts, and Education beginning August 2,” said Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, John Hoffman, Ph.D. Hoffman said while the title “Division Head” follows University of Minnesota naming conventions for the Crookston campus, the scale and scope of responsibilities reflect those of an academic dean at campuses of similar size and complexity.

Exercise Science and Wellness Degree at UMN Crookston Sets Students up for Success After Graduation

July 30, 2021
Real. Hands on. Ready. At the University of Minnesota Crookston, those words make up the motto of the Exercise Science and Wellness program. UMN Crookston offers a unique experience that many students at other colleges and universities are deprived of; experiential learning. When it comes to exercise science and physiology, you will rarely find yourself at a desk.