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The Career Services guides and inspires University of Minnesota Crookston students to take charge of their personal and career development, from their initial days on campus to graduation and beyond. Our office creates a supportive “University-to-Career" community of faculty, staff, advisers, and parents, by inspiring students to lead lives with a purpose by using their talents and strengths in social, financial, physical, career and community well-being.

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For Students

For Students

Life. Career. Balance.

Much like a large ship who needs some help coming into dock, we are here to support your goals as you navigate your career search.

  • Graduate School Information - Thinking about Graduate school? What steps do you need to take to get ready?
  • Interview Stream - Use Interview Stream to get practice interviewing. Choose questions or question sets and respond via webcam.InterviewStream video captures can be viewed by you and/or shared with a career counselor for feedback.
  • YOU@UMN - YOU@UMN is built to align with on-campus health and wellness programs and resources and is divided into three main categories: Succeed—academic success and career preparedness; Thrive—physical and mental health; and Matter—sense of purpose and connection to campus.
  • Tips for your Online Image - Make sure your online image helps, not hurts, your job search.

  • Handshake - Off Campus Jobs (formerly GoldPASS) - What can you do with HandShake?

  1. Apply for a job
  2. Find career events such as: job fairs-informational events-on campus interviews -internships
  3. Register for virtual fairs
  4. Upload your resume
  5. Connect with Alumni
  • CareerOneStop - Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. Put together a successful job search with resources on resumes, interviewing, networking, and finding job openings.
  • Local Jobs and Internships - Sometimes we get direct requests from employers for our students! Use your crk.umn.edu email to check it out. Your career or internship may be waiting for you to take action!
  • Work-Study and Non-Work-Study (On-Campus Jobs) - Work-study is an opportunity for on-campus employment. Most students find work-study to be a convenient way to earn money while going to school. If you are not eligible for work-study, you may find on-campus employment or off-campus employment that is not considered part of a financial aid package.
  • Projects from the Maroon and Gold Network - What are Projects? Projects are short-term, professional experiences, like a micro-internship. They can take place at any time, anywhere and typically last between 5-40 hours and are completed within one week to one month. The specific schedule will be determined between the Project poster and the Project recipient. Students or new graduates seeking a Project can explore different industries, gain new skills, and make important career connections.

Resources for Multicultural Students

Check out the Career Services Job & Internship Bulletin Board in Sargeant Student Center for the most up-to-date opportunities.

Major Exploration and Career Planning

Major Exploration and Career Planning

Undecided on a Major? Not a problem.

Career Search Resources

Career Search Resources

  • Handshake - Handshake is for college students like you looking for an internship or job that opens the door to a fulfilling career. 

  • MN CareerForce Exploration ToolWhat kinds of jobs can I do? The Career and Education Explorer lets you explore a wide range of occupations and related education in a single easy-to-use online tool. Find wages, demand, job opportunities, and more.
  • Career & Internship Search Resources

  • Match Jobs to Experience - The Match Jobs to Experience (JobSTAT) data tool lets you enter the title of a job you've done, and get a list of other jobs you can do with that experience. Then select job openings, typical wages, and training options.
  • Learn to Network - The best way to learn about a career is to talk to someone who’s actually in it every day! Audacious Move Tip: After you’ve found connections from your friends, family, and research on industry, contact them to schedule a brief face-to-face or phone informational interview.
  • LinkedIn
  • Employment Links
  • Job Search Guide - The guide from DEED provides the sound insights and practical advice you need to plan and launch a successful job search.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews

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Document Type
Thumbnail of the Anatomy of a Coverletter PDF Cover Letter (Anatomy) PDF File Icon
Thumbnail of the General Resume 1 PDF
Resume (General 1) PDF File Icon
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To help you succeed on your job hunt, we explain exactly how to write a good resume following basic steps, and provide detailed examples along the way:

  • Choose the best resume format
  • List your contact information
  • Write a winning resume introduction
  • Highlight your relevant work experience
  • Create a clear education section
  • Add relevant skills for the job. Does your resume address the requirements stated for the position?
  • Tie in key certifications, awards, & honors
  • Pick the ideal resume layout
  • Write a matching cover letter
  • Proofread your resume


Please, please, please keep your resume on one page! Choose a form/style that is aesthetically-pleasing to you, and easy to read. Play around with the placement and titles of each section. Utilize shading, spacing and underlining to draw the readers’ eyes to particular words, phrases and roles. The white space on your resume is as important as the content.While some fields tend to be flexible about resume formats from potential candidates, others remain quite traditional. Take note of your roles of interest, and do a bit of research to learn more about company culture. We strongly encourage you to preview the resume samples available on the Career Services website for assistance, but there are many templates that are useful.


When selecting a resume font (and there should only be ONE), please keep in mind the industry(ies) that you’re applying to. Maintain consistent formatting throughout your resume. Make use of the list of action verbs available on our resume guide to put forth a detailed and concise description of your roles and activities. Prioritize, consolidate, and cut when necessary. After completion, proofread for spelling AND grammatical errors.


Last, but not least, have fun! There is no one way to create a resume, so feel free to explore formats, styles and fonts

Also see...

  • Career Guides Check out our comprehensive Career Guides for helpful information on major & career exploration, searching for jobs & internships, resumes, cover letters, and more!
  • YOU@UMN is a personalized digital platform connecting students to online tools and campus resources to help support their goals to Succeed, Thrive and Matter at the University of Minnesota.



Employers, post your jobs and internship opportunities on

Handshake - used by all University of Minnesota campuses and is open to undergraduates, graduate students, and ALL University alumni.

Employers can learn more about Internships at UMC

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Contact Nan Thurston - thurston@crk.umn.edu or 218-281-8557.

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Department Faculty & Staff

Department Faculty & Staff

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Career Counselor, Career Services Coordinator
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