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Get Started! ButtonHere at the University of Minnesota Crookston, we are proud to offer students to study around the world. The learning abroad offers different group trips that take place in May, or we can help you by tailoring a trip specifically focusing on any aspect that may interest you; it could be your major, a language or culture you may want to study, a specific region, a single subject, or a combination of any and all. With the help of our program providers we work closely with, any of our learning abroad employees can help you get started on your journey to see the world.

Go Safe LogoLearning abroad is not only a way to see the world, but employers will see your experience as important and beneficial to any career.

Get Started

Get Started

To help make your learning abroad experience a stress free and easy process, follow the steps below.

1. Start your adventure here with our UMC ProgramsA student is standing next to a wooden cow

The University of Minnesota Crookston offers several shot term faculty lead programs (see "UMC Learning Abroad Programs" tab). 

  • Brazil (Spring Break) - for Agricultural or Animal Studies Major or Minor
  • China & Japan (Global Seminar) - The Legends of Japan and China: From Myths and Nature to Anime and Gaming
  • New Zealand & Australia - Cultural and natural history

Create a UMN Study Abroad Profile to get more information.

2. Talk to your Learning Abroad and Academic Advisers

  • Meet with a Learning Abroad Adviser
    Learning Abroad Advisers can help you identify programs that are a good match for your personal and curricular interests and that will help fulfill major, minor, and other degree requirements. Advisers can also assist you with questions about financial aid and scholarships and are able to assist in setting up your profile.

  • Meet with your Academic Adviser
    Your Academic Adviser will be able to help you choose what program would be right for your major and your schedule. Study abroad can be an integral part of your undergraduate studies. You may want to choose a program early in your college career that will help satisfy general or language requirements. With careful planning, it is possible to complete core and/or elective major credits while study abroad.

3. Apply for your Learning Abroad Program

Go to the Education Abroad portal to apply for your program using the UMN Study Abroad Application.
(You might see a warning page pop up. Click proceed anyway and keep going.)

Deadlines for Applications:
Winter and Spring term - October 1st
Summer and Fall - February 1st
Don’t forget to check out the scholarship deadlines for the program you are applying for!! Do it early!

You will be getting information from the:

  • Home University
  • Host UniversityStudy Abroad Greece Trip - May 2014
  • Co-sponsored/Sponsored Program
  • Location in which your experience will be completed

4. Fulfill financial aid and scholarship requirements

Learn more about scholarships, financial aid, billing, and comparing costs (see "Financing your Learning Abroad Trip" tab).

5. Get ready to study abroad

    1. Read and understand the University's Study Abroad Handbook PDF File Icon
    2. Work with the Learning Abroad Office and your adviser to generate a tentative outline for you trip over seas using the Academic Planning Form PDF File Icon. The Learning Abroad Office will help you and your adviser determine what classes you will be taking and what will transfer back to UMC when you return.
    3. Obtain a passport
      1. Information on Passport Requirements PDF File Icon
      2. Apply for a Passport PDF File Icon
      3. Renewing A Passport PDF File Icon
    4. Learn more about Multi-Institution Enrollment (Multi-I)
    5. Fill out the Student Release and Waiver form
    6. Complete the Learning Abroad Center's Health Information Form PDF File Icon
    7. Register your trip with the University's International Travel Registry (U policy for all faculty, staff and students)Student group that studied abroad
    8. Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which is a free service to allow U.S. Citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. 
    9. Embassy or Consulate.
    10. Get Travel Insurance (see "Health, Safety and Insurance Information" tab).
    11. Find out if you need any vaccines and immunizations.
    12. Send emergency information to Rae French, Learning Abroad Coordinator.

**Faculty and Staff that need help with finding tickets (planes, train, automobile, etc.)? Visit the University's Travel Services website for more information.

6. Share Your Study Abroad Experience

During your study abroad experience, go to the official university blogging system, Google Blogger, or create a Facebook page, where you will be able to blog and share your experience with everyone back home! View stories and posts written by other students that have studied abroad (see "Student and Group Profiles" tab)!

UMC Learning Abroad Programs

UMC Learning Abroad Programs

Image of mountains

The University of Minnesota Crookston offers several short term faculty lead programs.  
Learn more about each program below or if you're ready, get started applying for programs!

Brazil - Spring Break 2017

2015 student group in BrazilDescription
Brazil’s economic growth in recent years has drawn the attention of both leading international business and students interested in better understanding the south American giant - now the world’s 7th largest economies.  During this program visit students will be able to witness the many facets of Brazilian ag industries including animal science and agronomy.  By the  end of the trip students will have a deeper insight of the Brazilian agribusiness sector, from it’s recent improvements in technology, production and shipping to crop rotation and sustainable production. 

This program will run spring semester 2017 with a field trip to Brazil over spring break.  We will cover, agricultural economics, Animal Science, Brazilian culture, and farm practices.  The goal of the program is to get students who are involved with agronomy, ag economics and ag systems management at a first hand view.

Learn more about the Brazil program PDF File Icon 

Apply Now!

China & Japan - Global Seminar 2017

Mount FujiDescription
This spring semester course includes a 3 week trip in May 2017 to China and Japan. The course focuses on a theme of the legends and heroes of China and Japan, by looking at various areas within the humanities, such as mythology, philosophy, art, music, theater, opera, literature, gardening, anime, gaming, etc. We will visit the most well-known sites in both China and Japan, such as the Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Shimogamo Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, and Mount Fuji, etc. We will also experience many artistic performances and workshops, such as seeing a performance at the Beijing Opera and a Noh theater performance, visiting a silk workshop, art studios, and museums and businesses associated with gaming and anime in Toyko.

This course is offered both as a lower division, Gn Ed 2000-01, and an   upper division, Gn Ed 3000-01, course depending on student need/preference. The course curriculum for both includes learning about various aspects within Chinese and Japanese culture that reflect the course theme of legends and heroes. The course will meet one day a week during spring 2017 semester. 

Learn more about the China/Japan program PDF File Icon 

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New Zealand & Australia - Global Seminar 2017

Students on last year's New Zealand and Australia study abroad tripDescription
As a complement to the program academics in New Zealand and Australia, the University of Minnesota Crookston students and faculty members will broaden their understanding of New Zealand and Australia through their participation in cultural activities and excursions. This is a spring semester course that will study leadership development and skills.

This course will give students a deeper understanding of global leadership. Travelling from the south through north New Zealand will challenge students on many different levels. This course is designed to look at your environment, face challenges, and work as a team. Whether this is by hiking through the breathtaking parks or meeting the Maori people and learning their culture, students will learn so much more about “identity.” Official class is throughout spring semester with the capstone to New Zealand. After going through this program, students will go on to Cairns, Australia and experience the famous Rainforest Station and swim and learn more about the endangered Great Barrier Reef.

Learn more about New Zealand & Australia program PDF File Icon  

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Financing your Learning Abroad Trip

Financing your Learning Abroad Trip

Scholarships and FundingTwo students looking at gold coins

Financial Aid


Learning Abroad Center program fees are posted to your student's University of Minnesota student account. When bills are generated while students are on study abroad programs, students receive an email notice in their University-assigned email accounts with a link to view online the total amount due and payment due date(s) in student accounts.

If a student is attending an academic or calendar year program, the amount billed to the student account is for the current semester portion of the bill only. The amount due reflects any previous payments (which includes deposits). Students can view their student account online using My U > My Finances tab.

Compare Costs

  • Learn strategies to compare and complete costs across programs 
  • View tips on locating budget estimates for each program 
  • Explore the most affordable options

Academic Fit with Your Degree

  • Get the most for your money by making degree progress while you study abroad
  • Take courses that add value to your major, minor or career path

Students from Other Institutions

  • Inform yourself about additional considerations or processes for accessing financial aid
  • Obtain paperwork to access your financial aid from your home institution while abroad

Health, Safety and Insurance Information

Health, Safety and Insurance Information

Students Working with the Learning Abroad Center

Health and Safety

A student with a tiger

  • The University of Minnesota (all campuses) offers mandatory international health insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for education abroad opportunities. Most students on University of Minnesota sponsored and co-sponsored programs through the Learning Abroad Center are covered by this policy. The cost of this insurance is most often included in the program fee or arrangements can be made by the student to purchase the insurance individually at the Learning Abroad Center/Study Abroad Office on their respective campus.
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has more information on safe travel abroad and vaccines and immunizations.
  • The university endorses the recommendations of both the Forum on Education Abroad's Good Practices and the NAFSA: Association of International Educators' health and safety task force findings: Responsible Study Abroad: Good Practices for Health and Safety developed by the Interorganizational Task Force on Safety and Responsibility in Study Abroad.


Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) Insurance - Mandatory

  • All students traveling abroad in connection with their University of Minnesota studies are required to obtain international travel, health, and security insurance approved by the University’s Risk Management Office.  The University of Minnesota provides mandatory international insurance coverage though Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). The CISI coverage is required for faculty and staff who do not carry medical benefits through the University of Minnesota. Faculty and staff leading students abroad also must be covered by the CISI insurance policy. CISI is not available for personal or non-University travel.
  • The Learning Abroad Center will provide students with a detailed policy description defining all items covered and not covered along with an insurance card prior to departure. For a few programs (generally, those which include country specific national insurance), you will receive the additional insurance information onsite. See the CISI international insurance FAQ.
  • Policy details of the CISI insurance PDF File Icon.

ISIC Traveler and Health Insurance Card - OptionalStudy Abroad Italy Trip - May 2015

  • ISIC is any optional traveler and health insurance card, good for up to a year. Contact Rae French, Learning Abroad Coordinator, for more information on ISIC.
    • The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the largest globally recognized student ID for all full time students in The United States. ISIC card holders are members of a truly global club. Every year students use their ISIC card to take advantage of offers at home and overseas on travel, shopping, museums, food and much more.
    • Teachers & under 30: ISIC also provides cards for teachers and people under the age of 30 that aren't studying who can also enjoy thousands of discounts and benefits globally.

*Insurance cards can be purchased in the Learning Abroad Office at the Crookston Campus. ( Hill Hall Room 12)

Students Not Working with the Learning Abroad Center

All University of Minnesota students are required to receive CISI insurance for any overseas travel related to their education as per the University's policy Student Travel & Education Abroad: Health and Safety.

    Student and Group Profiles

    Student and Group Profiles

    Current Student Adventures

    Kary Sheppard

    Senior Kary Sheppard has always been interested in the medical field. For the exercise science and wellness major, the concept of being physically and emotionally well is something worth learning. This summer Sheppard was able to learn far outside the classroom, 3,710 miles away to be exact. She spent eight weeks in Dublin, Ireland, interning with a physical therapy outpatient clinic. Learn more.

    Past Student Adventures

    Group of thirteen students from the University of Minnesota Crookston in Brazil over spring break.

    Agriculture Study Takes UMC Students to Brazil over Spring Break 2013

    For thirteen students from the University of Minnesota Crookston, spring break meant ten days in Brazil and weeks in preparation for a powerful learning abroad experience. The trip, which took place from March 16-24, 2013, took students to sugar cane farms, dairy operations, huge cities, beautiful waterfalls, a tour of Itaipu Dam, and much more. View the entire news article on this adventure.

    Group of University of Minnesota Crookston students in India in May 2013

    Three weeks in India in May 2013

    A three week study abroad program in May 2013 to southern India. Discover more in their presentation.

    Parent Resources

    Parent Resources

    Learning abroad resources for parents information will be coming soon.  If you have questions in the mean time, please don't hesitate to contact our office!



    University of Minnesota students studying abroad in Paris.Can I study in My Major?
    YES! Learning abroad programs are developed in collaboration with academic departments, faculty, and foreign institutions to ensure that credits will apply toward degree requirements. In addition, you can take part in an internship or independent research.

    Do I need a Passport?
    Yes! All students will need a valid passport. Visa are not required in all countries. Please check with the UMC Learning Abroad Department for more information.

    How do I apply for a Passport?
    For more information on how to apply for a passport.

    Do I have to speak a foreign Language?
    No. Many programs have courses taught in English, so there is not a language requirement.

    Are there Scholarships and/or Financial Aid Available?
    YES! Scholarships are available, and financial aid applies to most Study Abroad Programs.

    Are there prerequisites or do I need prior subject matter knowledge?Study Abroad New Zealand Trip - May 2015Maybe. It depends on the program. For Global Seminar Courses there are no prerequisites. However, you must be interested in the subject matter being taught as it is an intensive course at the 3000 level. For all other programs it is imperative that students research the classes they need to take. Talk to your academic adviser.

    Do I need a Power of Attorney while I am abroad?
    Many students who are studying, working, or traveling abroad appoint a trusted person to take care of their personal, business, and financial affairs while they are out of the country. The Learning Abroad Center recommends that all students, especially financial aid students, arrange for a Power of Attorney.  Learn more about setting up Power of Attorney.

    Something has come up and I need to cancel, what are my options?
    You may cancel even after confirming your attendance of a program. However, there is a proper procedure to follow, and you will be liable for some of the program fees. Also, students have the option to appeal the Learning Abroad Center’s Cancellation Policy when canceling from a program for extenuating circumstances.

    Policies and Procedures

    Department Faculty & Staff

    Department Faculty & Staff

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