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Go Safe Logo Here at the University of Minnesota Crookston, we are proud to offer students the opportunity to study around the world. With the help of our program providers, our office staff can help get you started on your journey to see the world. Not only will you have the experience of a lifetime, but also employers will see your study abroad experience as important and beneficial to any career.

Get Started

Get Started

To help make your learning abroad experience a stress free and easy process, follow the steps below. 

1. Find Your ProgramA student is standing next to a wooden cow

The University of Minnesota Crookston offers several short-term program options, led by our faculty. UMC Learning abroad also offers tailored programs to fit each student’s needs.  (see "UMC Learning Abroad Programs" tab below). 

Choose from the following:

  • Semester Programs (Fall or Spring)

  • Winter or Spring Break

  • May Session or Summer

  • Volunteer or Work

To see details for the programs UMC has to offer, check out the “UMC Learning Abroad Programs” tab below.

2. Talk to your Advisers

Learning Abroad and Academic Advisers
Your advisers can help you identify programs that match your personal and curricular interests that will fulfill major, minor, and other degree requirements. Advisers can also assist you with questions about financial aid, scholarships, and in setting up your learning abroad profile. 

Study Abroad Greece Trip - May 2014

3. Apply for your Learning Abroad Program

To Apply for your Learning Abroad Program, click the Get Started button below.

Click here to Get Started with the University of Minnesota Study Abroad Application

Deadlines for Applications:

Spring Semester 2018

  • Opens December 1
  • Ends January 22

May Session 2018 

  • Opens March 23 
  • Ends May 8 

Summer 2018 

  • Opens March 23
  • Ends June 11

Student group that studied abroad

4. Financial Aid and Scholarship Requirements

In the “Financial Aid and Scholarships tab” learn about the requirements you must fulfill in order to study abroad. Be sure to check for deadlines on scholarship applications!

5. Go to “Information and Forms” tab for a travel checklist of required forms you must complete. 

6. Share Your Study Abroad Experience

Check out the “Student and Group Profiles” tab!

UMC Learning Abroad Programs

UMC Learning Abroad Programs

The University of Minnesota Crookston offers several short term faculty lead programs.  
Learn more about each program below or if you're ready, see the "get started" tab above!

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Ireland - 3 Weeks in March 2019

U of Crookston and World Endeavors are proud to present a customized, faculty-led group program to Ireland for Crookston students in March 2019. Experience St. Patrick's Day with an Irish family and see the real Ireland, while also learning about Agro-Business and Equine Studies in the Emerald Isle. See Ireland from horseback and experience firsthand the country's world-renowned hospitality on this immersive 10 day experience. This program runs March 14 - 24, 2019.  See the program flyer for more details.

Program Leaders
Terrill Bradford
Nicky Overgaard

coming soon...

UMC's Ireland 2019 program flyer PDF File Icon 

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Brazil - 3 Weeks in May 2019

Come participate in this unique learning opportunity in Brazil. Your choice to study either animal science in the tropics or service learning by designing a natural play space for a local school. This course will introduce you to Brazilian culture and customs both in the metropolises of São Paulo and Rio as well as in numerous rural agricultural communities. This program will run from May 5 - 21, 2019.

Program Leaders
Eric Castle, PhD
Leslie Lekatz, PhD

coming soon...

UMC's Brazil 2019 program flyer PDF File Icon 

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Europe - 3 Weeks in May 2019

Business and Technology of Europe: The Global Cities. This program runs May 8 - 22, 2019.

Program Leaders
Christine Bakke, PhD
Courtney Bergman

coming soon...

UMC's Europe 2019 program flyer PDF File Icon  

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Galapagos Islands and Ecuador - 3 Weeks in May 2019

GNED 2000 or GNED 3000. Dig a Little Deeper: The Darwin Experience. Amazing Wildlife. Volcanoes and Volcanic Soils. Sustainable Development and Adventure. Amazing Plant Life. This program will run from May 5 - 21, 2019.

Program Leaders
Katy Chapman
Kristina Walker

coming soon...

UMC's Galapagos Islands and Ecuador 2019 program flyer PDF File Icon  

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India & Nepal - 3 Weeks in May 2019

Tracing the Sacred in India and Nepal: Legends, Philosophy, Yoga, Dance and more. Travels will be to Doublin, Limerick, Cork, Belfast and Edinburgh. This program will run from May 7 - 20, 2019.

Program Leaders
Rachel McCoppin, PhD
Venugopal Mukku, PhD

coming soon...

UMC's India & Nepal 2019 program flyer PDF File Icon  

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Two students looking at gold coins

Scholarship Deadlines

  • Spring Break, Winter Break, and May Session scholarships – November 1

  • Summer/Fall – February 15

All Applications are open now! Click on the link below to Apply!

UMC Study Abroad Scholarships

Additional Scholarships:
Benjamin Gilman
Katherine Sullivan

Health, Safety and Insurance Information

Health, Safety and Insurance Information

The University of Minnesota offers mandatory international health insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for education abroad opportunities. Insurance can be purchased at the UMC Learning Abroad Office.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has more information regarding:

ISIC Traveler and Health Insurance Card – Optional traveler insurance card that is good for up to a year.

  • Contact Rae French for more information regarding ISIC cards.

    Student and Group Profiles

    Student and Group Profiles

    Current Student Adventures

    Kary Sheppard

    Senior Kary Sheppard has always been interested in the medical field. For the exercise science and wellness major, the concept of being physically and emotionally well is something worth learning. This summer Sheppard was able to learn far outside the classroom, 3,710 miles away to be exact. She spent eight weeks in Dublin, Ireland, interning with a physical therapy outpatient clinic. Learn more.

    Past Student Adventures

    Group of thirteen students from the University of Minnesota Crookston in Brazil over spring break.

    Agriculture Study Takes UMC Students to Brazil over Spring Break 2013

    For thirteen students from the University of Minnesota Crookston, spring break meant ten days in Brazil and weeks in preparation for a powerful learning abroad experience. The trip, which took place from March 16-24, 2013, took students to sugar cane farms, dairy operations, huge cities, beautiful waterfalls, a tour of Itaipu Dam, and much more. View the entire news article on this adventure.

    Group of University of Minnesota Crookston students in India in May 2013

    Three weeks in India in May 2013

    A three week study abroad program in May 2013 to southern India. Discover more in their presentation.

    Parent Resources

    Parent Resources

    Learning abroad resources for parents information will be coming soon.  If you have questions in the mean time, please don't hesitate to contact our office!



    University of Minnesota students studying abroad in Paris.Can I study in My Major?
    YES! Learning abroad programs are developed in collaboration with academic departments, faculty, and foreign institutions to ensure that credits will apply toward degree requirements. In addition, you can take part in an internship or independent research.

    Do I need a Passport?
    Yes! All students will need a valid passport. Visa are not required in all countries. Please check with the UMC Learning Abroad Department for more information.

    How do I apply for a Passport?
    For more information on how to apply for a passport.

    Do I have to speak a foreign Language?
    No. Many programs have courses taught in English, so there is not a language requirement.

    Are there Scholarships and/or Financial Aid Available?
    YES! Scholarships are available, and financial aid applies to most Study Abroad Programs.

    Are there prerequisites or do I need prior subject matter knowledge?Study Abroad New Zealand Trip - May 2015Maybe. It depends on the program. For Global Seminar Courses there are no prerequisites. However, you must be interested in the subject matter being taught as it is an intensive course at the 3000 level. For all other programs it is imperative that students research the classes they need to take. Talk to your academic adviser.

    Do I need a Power of Attorney while I am abroad?
    Many students who are studying, working, or traveling abroad appoint a trusted person to take care of their personal, business, and financial affairs while they are out of the country. The Learning Abroad Center recommends that all students, especially financial aid students, arrange for a Power of Attorney.  Learn more about setting up Power of Attorney.

    Something has come up and I need to cancel, what are my options?
    You may cancel even after confirming your attendance of a program. However, there is a proper procedure to follow, and you will be liable for some of the program fees. Also, students have the option to appeal the Learning Abroad Center’s Cancellation Policy when canceling from a program for extenuating circumstances.

    Policies and Procedures

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    Department Faculty & Staff

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