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Getting Started - Newly Admitted Online Students

This check list will help new students studying online get ready for the upcoming semester at UMC. Please read through the items listed below and notify your advisor or the Office of Admission if you identify any concerns.

1. Set up your student account

All UMC students have one Internet ID (username) and password to access both their course sites and their U of M email account. Your Internet ID and password allows you to access your personal information within the U of M system and gives you access to your Canvas classroom. You use this information to update your address, check your grades, manage your financial information and view your transcripts.

New to UMC?
You will need to claim your account.

Returning Student? 
If you have previously enrolled with a U of M campus as a PSEO, CIHS, non-degree student or are transferring from another U of M campus, you do not need to claim your account. You may continue using your Internet ID and password that you previously created.

*If you do not remember your U of M Internet ID and password, you will need to contact University of Minnesota 1-HELP by dialing 612-301-4357 and selecting option "1".

2. Log into the MyU Portal
After you have your Internet ID and password, you may log into your courses via the MyU portal. Once logged in, you will see the MyU homepage, click on the "Academics > My Classes" to display all of your online courses after you have been registered.

3. Check your UMC email Account

Make sure to continuously check your UMC e-mail throughout the semester as email is the official means of communication while at UMC.

To unsubscribe to the unofficial email list, please follow these steps found in this tutorial.

4. Request Official Transcripts

If any of your transcripts had "In Progress" (IP) coursework when you submitted your transcripts, send a final official transcript to the Office of Admissions once grades are posted. If you have ever taken any College in the High School (CIHS/CIS), Advanced Placement (AP), College Level Exampination Program (CLEP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, have an official transcript sent to the Office of Admissions as those credits will also be considered toward your program and/or toward your credits needed for graduation.

*We will accept credits from all regionally accredited institutions no mater how long ago it was as long as the instution was regionally accredited while you were enrolled.

5. Questions on Financial Aid & Scholarships

Have you completed your FAFSA yet? If not, do so as soon as possible and use our school code 004069. If you have questions related to your FAFSA, scholarships, grants, waivers, and loans, please contact UMC’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information.

6. Order Textbooks via the UMC Bookstore Online or by Phone

Order your books online or over the phone: 1-800-862-6466, ext. 8335. You will need to know your student ID number and the classes you are registered for.

* Please note that you may charge your textbooks to your financial aid account, however you will need to notify the Bookstore upon purchase and know that you will need to obtain a student U Card for future purchases.

7. Academic Calendar, Class Schedule, and Schedule Builder

Visit these resources as you begin thinking about registration: Academic Calendar, Class Schedule & Registration, Schedule Builder

8. Questions about your Online Courses, Academic Program, and Registration?

Once you are admitted, your academic advisor will work with you for registration for your first semester. If you have transfer credits, you will receive an Academic Progress Audit System (APAS) report from the UMC Registrar's Office. Your academic advisor will review your APAS and make course recommendations based on the transcripts we have on file for you. Please note: in order for all classes to show on your APAS, you will need to submit all official final transcripts from other institutions to the Office of Admissions. After your first semester, you will be able to register on your own - unless you are using GI/Veterans funds, or have a probation hold on your account.  

9. Understanding Your Academic Program Audit System (APAS) Report

You will have opportunities to ask questions about your APAS at the time of registration as well as during the required orientation course for your program. 

10. Questions or Concerns about Billing and Payment Information?

For billing and payment information, please visit the Tuition Payment Schedule or contact the Business Affairs Office: 1-800-862-6466 ext. 8325 or 218-281-8331.

11. Order Your Student U Card

The U Card officially identifies you as a student and makes you eligible for student discounts and is needed to order books through the bookstore. You may order your books for your first semester without your U Card, but for all future purchases through the bookstore you will need to use a code from your U Card. See the U Card page for more information on how to order your U Card. Please note that you need to be registered for at least one class before you can order your U Card.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Online Students page for additional information.