About the Library

General Library Information

The mission of the UMC Library is to be the major provider of information supporting the educational programs of the campus as well as its research and service needs. The library collection consists of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, and audio visual materials. In addition to traditional library print resources, an increasing number of books, journals, and visual materials are available online through subscriptions to databases and other electronic library tools.

Mission Statement of the UMC Library

The University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC) Library exists to support the mission of the University by providing services and materials that meet the informational and lifelong learning needs of its constituents including students, faculty, and staff. In carrying out this mission, the library is responsive to the University's commitment to the values of equality, accessibility, non-discrimination, tolerance of diversity, and intellectual freedom. The primary library objectives are:

  • To fulfill our land grant mission by serving the wider community through resource sharing with other institutions and outreach to the public.
  • To provide quality library services utilizing knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous staff in a comfortable, modern facility.
  • To provide high-quality materials, both print and digital, that supports the curriculum of UMC.
  • To assist students, faculty, and staff in identifying, locating, and interpreting (utilizing critical thinking skills) information in various formats.
  • To educate students to become self-reliant information users, and to assist them in becoming lifelong learners.
  • To offer services to off-campus students that is comparable to services offered to on-campus students.
  • To engage in regional, state, and national efforts of library cooperation, thereby ensuring that students, faculty, and staff have access to information not located locally.

Through Alma, the library resource management system and other databases, the library provides access to over 150,000 journals and magazines in electronic format. The databases are listed on the UMC Databases section.

Checkout and Renewing Materials

Checkout Period Renew Notices Sent By
Books - Regular & Children's 4 weeks Yes, total of 8 weeks E-mail
Videos/Periodicals 3 days Yes, total of 6 days E-mail
Equipment/1 Day Reserves 1 day Yes, total of 2 days E-mail
Short Term Reserves 3 hours Yes, total of 6 hours E-mail

Renewing Online

Use this link to Your Account to renew online or go to the Library Catalog webpage. If you have not renewed online before there are detailed instructions for renewing online.
Items can also be renewed in person, over the phone (218-281-8399), or by e-mail umclib@umn.edu. To renew an item, please include the call number if it is a book and the name and date if it is a magazine or journal.

Desktop Computers and Printing in the Library

Desktop computers are available for use in the Library. The computers are loaded with various software including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and the Adobe CS5 suites which include Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Acrobat Professional. Laser printing is available to students, faculty, and staff in the library at no charge. Other computer hardware available for use in the library includes several types of scanners, multi-media computers, an iMac and a color laser printer. Students can check out various tablets, scanners, digital still cameras, digital video cameras, webcams, and more. Requests to purchase other equipment will be considered.

Document Delivery for Students With Disabilities

Students who are registered with the UMC Disability Resource Center can request library items by telephone (218-281-8398) or e-mail Krista Proulx - kproulx@umn.edu.

Test Proctoring

The UMC Library provides limited proctoring of make-up tests as a service to faculty. This service should not be used for students with testing accommodations due to documented disability - those tests are administered by the Disability Resource Center.

Students: Please use this scheduling link or stop into the library to schedule an appointment to make up your test. Please schedule your test at least 24 hours in advance. Be sure you have your professor's approval prior to making the appointment and and bring your U Card to the library for identification.

Faculty: Please submit the Proctoring Request Form and your test at least 2 hours in advance to umclib@crk.umn.edu.